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Birth Name: Zhoumi (周覓)
Nicknames: Gentle Mimi
Date of Birth: April 19, 1986
Height: 184cm
Specialty/Hobby: Singing, MC, Lyric Making, Korean
Casted: SM UCC Star Audition

  • 2002 – The 2nd MTV 潘婷新声赛 competition (champion in Beijing area & champion in China)
  • 2003 – Shanghai – Asia Music Festival Newcomer Competition (1st place in Beijing area & newcomer award in China)
  • 2005 – MTV Music Nation Competition (first place)
  • 2005 – The 3rd MTV 三星校園新空氣歌唱大賽 Song Competition (2nd runner-up in Guangdong area & China idol singer award)
  • 2005 – 匡威校際 Music Festival (first place)
  • 2005 – Warner Music Competition (first place)
  • 2005 – MTV Newcomer Guangdong area (first place)
  • 2006 – CCTV Hosting Competition (first place in Guangzhou area & 16th place in China)
  • 2007 – S.M. UCC CONTEST Celebrity Challenge “Explosive! category” or SM UCC Star Audition ( 1st place in the category “The Most strongly recommended” )

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