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Choi Siwon

SIWON (시원)

Birth Name: Choi Siwon (최시원)
Nicknames: Shibrows (actually a reference to Siwon’s eyebrows – only used in international fandom), 10 dollars (given by Chinese fans, because his name has a similar pronunciation), Simba (named by Heechul)
Date of Birth: February 10, 1987 (Registered Birthday) , April 7, 1986 (Real Birthday)Height: 183cm
Weight: 65kg
Blood Type: B
Sibling(s): younger sister, Choi Jiwon
Specialty/Hobby: Singing, Dancing, Acting, Taekwondo, Chinese, Playing Drums
Casted: Starlight Casting System
Education: Gu Jeong High School | Inha University

  • 2003 MV DANA- What is Love
  • 2005 Drama Eighteen, Twenty-nine
  • 2005 Drama Precious Family (Cameo)
  • 2006 MV Zhang Liyin – Timeless
  • 2006 Drama Spring Waltz
  • 2006 Movie A Battle of Wits
  • 2007 Movie Attack on the Pin-Up Boys
  • 2007 Drama Legend of Hyang-don
  • 2008 MV Zhang Liyin – I Will
  • 2008 MV Zhang Liyin – The Left Shore of Happiness
  • 2009 Stage of Youth
  • 2009 MV Ariel Lin – Fireflies
  • 2009 MV S.E.O.U.L
  • 2010 Drama Oh! My Lady
  • 2010 MV SNSD – Hoot
  • 2010 Drama Athena: Goddess of War
  • 2011 Drama Poseidon
  • 2012 Drama Skip Beat !

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