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Cho Kyuhyun


Birth Name: Cho Kyuhyun (조규현)
Nicknames: 김규 (Kim Kyu – given by Heechul), 겜규 (Game Kyu), DraKyu, Fuwuyuar (waiter – given by Chinese fans), Jumong Kyu, Prince Kyu, Drama Kyu
Date of Birth: February 3, 1988
Height: 180cm
Wieght: 68kg
Blood Type: A
Sibling(s): older sister, Cho Ara
Specialty/Hobby: Singing, Watching movies, Listening to music, Gaming
Casted: 2005 Chin Chin Singing Competition
Education: Kyunghee University majoring in Post Modern Music

  • 2005 MV TVXQ – Hi Ya Ya
  • 2006 Super Junior Full House
  • 2006 Super Junior Mini-Drama
  • 2007 Explorers of the Human Body
  • 2009 CCTV Stage of Youth
  • 2009 MV Happy Bubble
  • 2009 MV S.E.O.U.L
  • 2010 MC Super Junior’s Foresight
  • 2010 Award – Golden Ticket Awards: Musical Rising Star Award for The Three Musketeers
  • 2011 KBS Immortal Song 2

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