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Kim Kibum

KIBUM (기범)

Birth Name: Kim Kibum (김기범)
Nicknames: Snow White ,Yangban Kim(all given by Heechul)
Date of Birth: August 21, 1987
Height: 179 cm/5′ 10.5″ (stated on Yashimmanman that his real height was 177 cm/5′ 9.7″)
Weight: 58 kg/127.6 lb
Blood Type: A
Sibling(s): younger sister, Kim Saehee
Profession: Singer-songwriter, dancer, occasional actor, Pianist
Casted: 2002 Starlight Casting System
Training: 4 years
Education: Santa Monica High School

  • 2004 Drama April Kiss (월의 키스)
  • 2005 Drama Rainbow Romance (레인보우 로망스)
  • 2005 Drama Marrying a Millionaire (백만장자와 결혼하기)
  • 2005 Drama Sharp 2 (반올림2)
  • 2006 Drama Sung Flower (눈꽃)
  • 2006 MV The Grace – Passion (My Everyting)
  • 2007 Movie Attack on the Pin-Up Boys
  • 2008 Drama Chunja’s Happy Events (춘자네 경사났네)
  • 2010 Movie Jumunjin

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