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Henry Lau

HENRY (헨리)

Birth Name:  Liu Xian Hua (劉憲華) / Henry Lau (劉憲華)
Nicknames: Mocchi (short for “baby cheeks” in japanese)
Date of Birth: October 11, 1989
Specialty/Hobby: Playing Violin, Dancing, Piano, Singing
Casted: SM Global Auditions 2006 (Toronto, Canada)
Education: A.Y. Jackson/ University of Toronto / Berklee College of Music (currently)

  • 2007 MV Super Junior – Don’t Don
  • 2009 CCTV Stage of Youth- Canadian Royal Conservatory of Music Silver Medal for Level 10 Violin

4 thoughts on “Henry

    • opps, thanks for noticing . i forgot to change certain parts of the profile since i used a template from previous profiles. thank you once again.
      i shall make the necessary changes .

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