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Birth Name: Hangeng (韩庚)
Nicknames: Mulan, Beijing fried rice, Landlord (given by Chinese fans)
Date of Birth: February 9, 1984
Height: 181cm
Weight: 66kg
Blood Type: B
Profession: Singer, dancer, actor, model
Specialty/Hobby: Traditional Chinese Dance
Casted: H.O.T. CHINA Audition Casting by SM

  • 2006 Drama Rainbow Romance (cameo)
  • 2006 MV Zhang Liyin – Timeless
  • 2007 Movie Attack on the Pin-Up Boys
  • 2008 MV Zhang Liyin – I Will
  • 2008 MV Zhang Liyin – The Left Shore of Happiness
  • 2008 MV Beijing Welcomes You ( for 2008 Beijing Olympics)
  • 2009 Drama Stage of Youth
  • 2010 MV “亚运有我精彩之吉” with Zhou Bichang for the 2010 Asian Games
  • 2010 MV “我是火焰” for the 2010 Asian Games
  • 2010 MV “不能忘卻的紀念” with Tan Jing
  • 2010 Album Geng Xin (庚心)
  • 2011 Movie My Kingdom
  • 2011 The Founding of a Party
  • 2011 Founding Father Sun Yat-Sen

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