Hello to all our followers & readers of sjcouples.

First & foremost, thank you for believing in us in meeting your needs for your daily dosage of our boys, Super Junior.

To further ensure that we can cater to your needs in providing the latest news/info/pictures/videos, etc of the boys, we need your utmost cooperation to follow these basic ground rules. It’s to benefit all of us & to make things easier for us, to aid with providing you only the best.


1. TAKE OUT WITH FULL CREDIT ! we do really mean it when we say take out with full credit. though we are only a source finder, we do ensure to credit the various source appropriately and correctly. the owners of the respective articles/pictures/videos/etc have put in a lot of hard work & kind enough to share with us their work & the least we can do is to credit them appropriately. & that also means crediting our respective staff/admin effort too in finding for the updates for you

2. DO NOT HOTLINK ! please upload all the photos to your own server & we are serious about this. hotlinking our photos & we would be at risk of going over our bandwith limit which may result to our server being deleted & directly deleting all the photos we have uploaded so far. so please, we need your cooperation in this.

3. RESPECT ! this is a basic human nature. we do not entertain any comments bashing anyone in particular/community/blogs/music/companies/celebrities . ELFs are nice individuals, so use the appropriate words when you want to approach us regarding a matter or queries .

With this, we hope that everyone will have an amazing time visiting sjcouples. & thank you once again for all the support. (:

All of you have been such amazing readers ❤

If you have any questions do drop an email to us (




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