Mini Korean Lessons

How to introduce yourself

What is 반말 (banmal)

Korean Alphabet & Pronunciation (Part 1) 

Korean Alphabet & Pronunciation (Part 2) 

Korean Alphabet & Pronunciation (Part 3)

Some Useful Phrases

Subject Markers + 받침 **NEW**

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Lessons written by Fid @ sjcouples

Note: There won’t be any new Mini Lessons for some time as I have not thought about what else write about. In the meantime, please leave a comment on things you would like to learn. It’ll help me with writing new lessons otherwise I’ll be on a break ><


2 thoughts on “Mini Korean Lessons

    • It’s from the OST of the drama Panda and Hedgehog which Donghae starred in. It’s titled Loving You and it’s sung by Super Junior KRY 🙂

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