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Hello to all our followers & readers of sjcouples.

First & foremost, thank you for believing in us in meeting your needs for your daily dosage of our boys, Super Junior.

To further ensure that we can continue to provide the latest news/info/pictures/videos/etc, of the boys, we are glad to announce that we are opening an application for authors/contributors for our WordPress!

Please do sign-up with us (:


Applicants should:

  1. Support all the fifteen boys in the big family of Super Junior.
  2. Be born in the year ranging from ’96 – ’92.
  3. Have prior experience in doing updates for any fanbase & as authors of a WordPress site.
  4. Have an understanding in the usage of WordPress.
  5. Be able to commit in updating articles/news/etc. every other day.
  6. Have a good command of English.
  7. Be a people person meaing that you like being around people & sociable.
  8. Possess good qualities; trustworthy, honest, humble, etc.

PS: If you do not meet some of the requirements but would still want to try, we still welcome your application.

Fill up the application form and email it back to us at ( with the Subject of the email as “Application for Sjcouples Author”

Application Form: 


Twitter username:




Date of birth:

Country you are from:

Place of residency (if different from the country you are from):

Languages you know:

(Please rate, on the scale of 1 to 10 the fluency of each subject & whether you are fluent in the spoken or written or both for the specific language)

Time spent on the computer daily:


Sources you usually get updated news of Super Junior:

Other experiences:

What do you like about Super Junior?

Why do you want to join @sjcouples?

Why should we pick you?

A short introduction of yourself. (Optional)

If your application has been accepted, you will have to reply & confirm your acceptance with us 48 hours after the emails have been send.

All the best!

Looking forward to receiving your applications!

If you have any questions do drop an email to us (,

Tweet to us @sjcouples or post your question on our page.



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