Facebook Album

A compilation !

Gallery of photos we have of super junior in our facebook album (:

– SJcouples Facebook Photo Album

Please do follow the rules that we have set, thank you !


1. TAKE OUT WITH FULL CREDIT ! we do really mean it when we say take out with full credit. though we are only a source finder, we do ensure to credit the various source appropriately and correctly. the owners of the respective articles/pictures/videos/etc have put in a lot of hard work & kind enough to share with us their work & the least we can do is to credit them appropriately. & that also means crediting our respective staff/admin effort too in finding for the updates for you

2. DO NOT HOTLINK ! please upload all the photos to your own server & we are serious about this. hotlinking our photos & we would be at risk of going over our bandwith limit which may result to our server being deleted & directly deleting all the photos we have uploaded so far. so please, we need your cooperation in this.

If you have any questions do drop an email to us (sj.couples@gmail.com)




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