130901Preview of ‘Rhythm of The Rain’ Movie with Zhou Mi

Source: 聽見下雨的聲音 金星匯影藝

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Two Super Junior-M members has secret crush on f(x)’s member Victoria

Recently, Super Junior-M’s old interview during their promotions in China back in 2008 has become a hot topic after it was uploaded onto Youtube.

During the interview, two Super Junior-M members were revealed to have had a crush on f(x)’s Victoria! These two were none other than Zhou Mi and former Super Junior member Hankyung.

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Who is leading the votes for the Popularity Award of the ‘26th Golden Disk Awards‘

There are only two days left until the online votes for the Popularity Award of the ‘26th Golden Disk Awards‘ closes, and the results are slowly starting to take shape.

Voting opened up on November 28th, and since then, over 2 million netizens have participated. Right from the start, Super Junior led the poll at the top, and has never once let go of their position since then. SNSD is right behind them but the chance of a reversal with two days left is highly unlikely.

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