Mama Mia Episode 22 & 23 with Kyuhyun and his mother [Eng Subbed]

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130929 Henry Celebrates The Launch of YouTube’s Official K-Pop Channel

Great news K-Pop lovers! YouTube has launched an official ‘K-Pop channel’ where you can find the latest K-pop music videos, interviews, and performances all in one place!

Super Junior’s Henry left a congratulatory video message and celebrated the launch with a giveaway of his own. A random winner will get an autographed Trap album! All Youtube users have to do is leave a friendly message about Henry’s video and share ideas in the comments section by October 11th.

Currently, the K-Pop channel is in Open Beta stage and already offers six categories including K-Pop Music Video Chart Top 20, New Music Videos, Recommended Music Videos, On-Stage, Off-Stage, and K-Pop Trend.

Check out the channel and Henry’s message below!

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