Super Junior M and f(x)’s Victoria chosen as the new ‘global models’ for cosmetics brand ‘TONYMOLY’

Super Junior M and f(x)’s Victoria have been chosen as the new ‘global models’ for beauty brand ‘TONYMOLY’!

With their experience promoting overseas and high popularity in China, the label mates are expected to bring a synergy effect for the global growth of the brand. A representative commented, “We are positive that Super Junior M and Victoria will enhance the growth of our brand overseas in China and more as global models.”

Super Junior M and Victoria recently finished filming for their upcoming CF which will air later this month!

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SJ-M is the King of Album Sales, “Perfection” beats SJ

South Korean idol group Super Junior’s subgroup Super Junior-M made a “long stay” for two months in Taiwan this year to study Mandarin. They appeared frequently in Taiwan, stimulating sales of their Mandarin album “Perfection”. Adding on the fact that the pronunciation of “too perfect” is similar to that of “Taiwan is beautiful” and “Taiwanese girl”, they sold 60000 copies, becoming the bestselling South Korean artist in Taiwan.

Most popular Korean group SJ, concert tickets on sale today

SJ’s new Korean album “Mr. Simple” was not far behind, selling 45000 copies, taking second place behind the first-placed SJ-M. On February 3, 4, and 5 next year SJ will be holding their concert at Taipei Dome, and the tickets will be going on sale at 1PM today through the 7-11 i-bon system. For more information please refer to the Taipei Dome’s official website.

Korean stars’ albums dominate, top 10 all sold over 10000 copies

Jang Geun Suk released an album after experiencing success in acting. He came to Taiwan in June to hold a fan meeting and sold out both meetings, raking in NTD 26,720,000 (about $883000). With his explosive popularity, his album “The Lounge H Vol. 1” defeated Girls’ Generation, selling 40000 copies, and is the only artist in the top 5 that is not a part of a group. 4th placed Girls’ Generation’s “The Boys” sold 26000 copies.

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110831 SJ-M answer fans questions. Interview on their favourite chinese food

Korea’s idol group SJ popularity were known worldwide. We can always hear fans loud screaming whenever they appear. Super Junior sub unit SJ-M went China for their promotional activities, inclusive of members Henry and Zhoumi.
They went all out for their development, example acting, appear in musicals, and being emcee(s). Their popularity increased more after the fan meeting in Beijing. During the interview, the members revealed that other than working, they learn mandarin, eat Chinese delicacies, and they hopes to share with everyone too.

@wangcan0312: Other than the fans here, what other things in China that attracts SJ-M members? The food? Scenery? Culture? Or? What do you like most among the chinese food here?
Sungmin: The deepest impression i have in China is food. Especially steamboat.
Ryeowook: To me, I think China is really big. We have to fly in between the cities for our schedule. And china fans are very bubbly. Most of them are kind.
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Super Junior-M’s Beijing Fan Meeting Ended in a Great Success!

SuperJunior-M Beijing fan meeting [from FACEBOOK SUPERJUNIOR staff]

August 18th, 2011

SuperJunior-M’s Beijing Fan Meeting Ended in a Great Success!
Enough to Realize the Best Popularity in Chinese Territory!

SuperJunior-M held the Beijing fan meeting and had a great time with the fans.

5,000 Beijing fans gathered at the fan meeting which was held in ‘Beijing Wukesong Culture & Sports Center’ on August 16th at 7:30 p.m. SuperJunior-M’s tremendous popularity in Chinese territory was recognized by music fans again.

In this event, SuperJunior-M received explosive response from fans by performing passionate and powerful stages including ‘太完美 (Perfection)’ which was loved in China and Taiwan, ‘命运线 (Destiny),’ ‘幸福微甜 (Love is sweet),’ ‘Super Girl’ etc. Continue reading

SJ-M performs in Beijing, Kyuhyun with a tear-jerking confession, Siwon pays tribute to Jay Chou

On the night of August 16, “Super Junior-M 2011 Fanmeeting in Beijing” opened at the Wukesong Gymnasium, and on that night, they sang to several classics including 《Perfection》, 《Destiny》, 《Love is sweet》 and more. Apart from Eunhyuk’s MJ dance segment and Sungmin’s rendition of 《A Pity It Isn’t You》 on the guitar, Siwon also paid a tribute to Jay Chou with a cover of 《Where Is The Promised Happiness》, causing the whole venue to sing along. Aside from that, Kyuhyun’s tear-jerking confession to the Chinese fans also became a focal point of the performance that night.

Singing their classics with utmost effort

That night, the seats were more than 90% filled at the Wukesong Gymnasium. The fans held blue lightsticks and lightboards, submerging the entire venue in a sea of sapphire blue. The first thing the SJ-M members did when they took the stage was to greet the fans affectionately in Mandarin. SJ-M opened the show with the hot dance number 《Perfection》 that night, and later followed up with 《Destiny》, 《Love is sweet》, 《Super Girl》, and various other popular songs in Mainland China, causing the fans to be extremely elated.
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Singapore, 17 August – Top Korean boy band SUPER JUNIOR’s first concert movie SUPER JUNIOR SUPERSHOW 3 3D is finally opening in Singapore on 1 September!

After the two sold-out SUPER JUNIOR SUPERSHOW 3 concerts earlier this year at the Singapore Indoor Stadium, SUPER JUNIOR now invites their fans to put on the 3D glasses for another opportunity to enjoy the spectacular SUPERSHOW 3 on big screen

SUPER JUNIOR SUPERSHOW 3 3D will be screening for a limited season from 1 September in Singapore, exclusively in Golden Village cinemas. Fans of SUPER JUNIOR in Singapore can grab the movie tickets starting from 19 August via Golden Village sales channels! Tickets are selling at $30 and a special price of $28 for Golden Village Movie Club members.

“SUPER JUNIOR SUPERSHOW 3 3D” Advance Ticketing Details

Venues: GV Plaza & GV Marina

Dates: 1 September – 4 September

Prices: $28 (Members) $30 (Public)

Sales Channels: Golden Village Website & Golden Village Box Offices

Format: 3D Digital only

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SJM Fanmeeting in Beijing, Ticket Sales Info on 110816

• 时间:8月16日 晚 19:30

• 地点:万事达中心(原五棵松体育馆)

• 票务代理:大麦网(


• 票价:580元, 880元, 1080元

• 开票时间:8月5日 中午 12:00

for damai site you can visit here

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