Super Junior K.R.Y to sing the theme song for ‘Superstar K3′

Super Junior’s ballad sub-unit, Super Junior K.R.Y (Kyuhyun, Ryeowook, Yesung), will be singing the theme song for Mnet’s reality TV program, ‘Superstar K3‘. Season 1’s theme song was sang byJewelry, followed by 4minute for Season 2.

The theme song for ‘Superstar K3′ will be played starting on April 24th during the Busan preliminary auditions, and will be utilized until the program ends in November.

Representatives from ‘Superstar K3′ expressed, “Because ‘Superstar K’ is a program that discovers stars, the theme songs have been sung by Korea’s top stars. Moreover, because there have been immense responses in oversea auditions such as in China, Thailand, and other Asian countries, we have picked a global group like Super Junior K.R.Y to sing the theme song.

Super Junior K.R.Y commented, ‘We are very happy to sing for a program that has garnered so much attention. We hope people will receive our music well.

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Super Junior-KRY “happy to showcase themselves, will wow the audience.”

Starting from the 11th to the 13th, Super Junior –KRY held ‘SUPER JUNIOR-KRY THE 1ST CONCERT’ at the Seoul Olympic Park and met their fans.

Members Kyuhyun, Ryeowook and Yesung, who formed Super Junior-KRY, is very popular in the music industry, was first introduced as a sub-unit of Super Junior as the ballad unit. Besides participating in the group albums, they have also actively participated in various OST, and are always recognized by their outstanding vocal sand beautiful harmonies.

Super Junior-KRY held their last show on the 13th, and one hour before that, they held a press conference, expressing how they are “really happy about the concert, and because of Super Junior, we are where we are today. As we specialise in ballads, we will continue to make a deep impression.”

Super Junior-KRY, who successfully held their concerts in Japan and Taiwan last year, decided to hold a concert in Korea after seeing high demands from local fans.

Meanwhile, after Super Junior finished promotional activities, some of the members are busying with MC, actor, DJ and acting in musicals. This concert showed a different side from the usual Super Junior performances, and fans can expect more.

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Super Junior M revealed teaser images for their comeback!

This morning, the official website of Super Junior M in Taiwan uploaded the teaser images of Super Junior M’s comeback picture. The title of the song is believed to be ”太完美” which means ”Too Perfect” as you can see from the image above. Only Donghae Siwon Henry and Zhoumi’s pictures were shown on the official website.
Meanwhile, Sungmin and Eunhyuk will be joining Super Junior M in some certain songs for their upcoming album but NOT debuting as Super Junior M member. Super Junior M to make their comeback on 14th February, the Valentine’s Day with 8 total members.

Source: Avex Taiwan

Super Junior-M Will Be Filming A Program In Beijing With 8 Members?

Preparing to produce several episodes of special programs, inviting artists and fans to interact with each other in terms of music knowledge. Have confirmed that we’ll be inviting the Korean group which is a current craze among the youngsters, Super Junior-M to participate in the recording in Beijing. 8 people will be there. If there are fans who are interested you can take part! Are there any other artists who wants to interact with fans recently?

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Jay Chou wrote a song for SJ-M?

A friend of mine found the Chinese translation of this tweet tonight, but the source only stated “Lee Jaemyoung”; I know he has composed songs for Super Junior and Girls’ Generation before, so I eventually found his twitter. He follows Leeteuk, and going through his tweets, it seems pretty legit. But still, please do take this news lightly ^^ you never know.

101221 ㅡ(…) now I have the arrangement of Suju’s song written by Jay Chou left (…)

101225 ㅡ The last job I have this year is the arrangement of Suju M’s song composed by Jay Chou, the best Chinese artist, which is such a honor to me so let’s try to work hard for this amazing work for a few days

Original Source. Lee Jaemyoung’s twitter
Translated by. Gaia on SJ-WORLD.NET

One Way Tweets More About SJM

@onewaypeter: Currently back at SM recording studio working~

@onewaychance: Finished with part 2 of rec. Session w/ @henrylau89 핸리야 수고했다! ㅋㅋ

[Trans: Henry-ah ! Good job! Keke*]

Keke = sound of laughing

@onewaypeter: Just finished recording at SM and had some chicken teriyaki~ damn I love this place~^^

cr: Michael Kim and Peter Hyun at Twitter
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Note: I actually have no idea why Peter is recording at SM studio… Usually the boys go to One Way’s studio (I think…) But maybe he has a part in SJM’s new album? I just included it in this post anyways.

One Way’s Chance tweets about SJM (and new member?)

If you’ve been following One Way’s Chance on twitter, you know that he is currently helping SJM with the recording process of their upcoming album.

On the 16th, Chance tweeted:

On my way for thr rec. Session with the M brothers!!

Finished recording ryeowook, now break time. ^^ hangin out with henry, zhoumi!! Lol

Afterwards, he tweeted “Now recording sungmin’s part! ^^”

However, soon after, he deleted that tweet and tweeted this:

Oops I don’t think I was suppose to say that…lol neways, recording session for today is finished!! Success!! Ahhh yeeeaaaaa

Extra: Just handed out our new album” rainy days” to sj bros. Get your copy too!!! Here!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh~~

SMEnt hasn’t said anything about Sungmin or anyone else joining SJM this upcoming year. However, it’s clear from Chance’s accidental tweet that the rumors before of Sungmin joining SJM may be true….

Source: Onewaychance @ Twitter