130929 Super Junior’s Heechul Becomes a Webtoonist

Super Junior’s Heechul is going to make his debut as a webtoonist.On September 27th, according to SM Entertainment, Heechul will be releasing his own webtoon ‘ZZINPANG Family’ through many websites such as SMTOWN homepage, ZZINPANG Facebook, and Kyobo bookstore’ s web page.

‘ZZINPANG Family’ is a co-production by Kim Heechul and famous Naver webtoonist, Kian84. The main character of the cartoon is ZZINPANG, which Heechul designed through out the years which many of you have seen before, along with his cat, Hee Bum. For the next eight weeks, the webtoon will be released every Thursday at noon.

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Super Junior M and f(x)’s Victoria chosen as the new ‘global models’ for cosmetics brand ‘TONYMOLY’

Super Junior M and f(x)’s Victoria have been chosen as the new ‘global models’ for beauty brand ‘TONYMOLY’!

With their experience promoting overseas and high popularity in China, the label mates are expected to bring a synergy effect for the global growth of the brand. A representative commented, “We are positive that Super Junior M and Victoria will enhance the growth of our brand overseas in China and more as global models.”

Super Junior M and Victoria recently finished filming for their upcoming CF which will air later this month!

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Heechul makes it clear that he will not be returning as an MC on ‘Radio Star’

Heechul made it clear that he left MBC’s ‘Radio Star’ for good, prior to his enlistment, and has now left the reigns on the show for Kyuhyun.

Heechul was welcomed back by fellow member Ryeowook on the September 2 broadcast of KBS Cool FM’s ‘Super Junior’s Kiss the Radio’. As Heechul is being flooded with love calls from variety shows, Heechul revealed that his former spot on ‘Radio Star’ isn’t one of them, sharing, “I probably won’t even appear on ‘Radio Star’ as a guest. For Kyuhyun’s sake, I don’t think it’s right for me to take the spot of my dongseng who is going on the same path… I didn’t temporarily leave that position. Kyuhyun is now the owner of that spot.”

To lighten the mood, when asked who he wants to couple up with on ‘We Got Married’ if given the opportunity, Heechul answered, “I want to film [‘We Got Married’] with EXO’s Xiumin… Call over Hong Suk Chun so we can make it a love triangle”, joking about what would be ‘We Got Married’s first ever bromance.

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Donghae opens a new taco store ‘Grill 5 Taco’

If you like tacos and if you like Super Junior, you’re in luck because Donghae has just opened a taco branch under ‘Grill 5 Taco’!

He introduced his new restaurant via his Twitter and Instagram, writing, “‘Grill 5 Taco’ location Chungdamdong 88-10 bunji. I love Taco# everybody enjoy Taco.”

Kangin, Siwon, Eunhyuk, and Sungmin also went over to congratulate Donghae on his opening day. Donghae took a photo with them and wrote, “We are now ^^ At Chungdam’s Grill5Taco ^^ Good Night !! Thanks today, ELF ^^”.

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Super Junior and TVXQ celebrate with a feast after the ‘a-nation’ festival in Japan

Super Junior and TVXQ have been through thick and thin throughout the years and the two veteran groups showed their wonderful support system once again in a SM family snapshot.

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Donghae tweeted, “TVXQ & Super Junior ^^ After finishing ‘a-nation’!! It’s been 14 years since our trainee days 🙂 Of course, it’s SM !! It seems like we’re done??:)”, and shared the above photo of the two groups eating a hearty meal together to celebrate their performances at ‘a-nation’.

Super Junior and TVXQ brought the house down at the ‘a-nation’ festival at Ajinomoto Stadium in Tokyo, Japan on the 31st.

Source & Image: Donghae’s Twitter

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Earnings of SM, YG, and JYP for the first half of 2013 revealed

The first half of 2013 sales numbers and figures from Korea’s top three entertainment agencies, SM Entertainment (041510:KOSDAQ), YG Entertainment (122870:KOSDAQ), and JYP Entertainment (035900:KOSDAQ), have been revealed as all three companies are publicly traded on the Korean electronic stock exchange, KOSDAQ.

On August 29, Korea’s Financial Supervisory Service revealed the 14th semi-annual financial report to the public, which reveals the earnings of all three agencies from January 1, 2013 to June 30, 2013.

The accumulated revenue of all three companies in the first half of the year amounted to a record high of 173 billion KRW (approximately $155,889,608.00 USD). In comparison to the same time frame last year, the total revenue for the first half of 2012 for SM, YG, and JYP was 114.1 billion KRW (approximately $102,815,053.60 USD). When looking at just the overall numbers, K-Pop seems to be on a consistent rise because a good fraction of their increased revenue is from the recent success of the genre.

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130821 Super Junior’S Kangin Practically Starved Himself To Lose 15 Kg In 27 Days

Not a diet we recommend, but Super Junior’s Kangin revealed that he lost weight by practically starving himself.

On August 21, Kangin participated in the press conference for SBS’ upcoming variety show, Splash, where Kangin talked a little about his weight loss.

“To be honest, I lost 15 kilograms in 27 days. I did a diet where you barely eat anything,” said Kangin. “Of course, I think the diving practice for Splash helped a lot.”

He added that he read in a book that fasting is good, so for 27 days, he didn’t eat any carbohydrates or vegetables and barely drank water.
“When I was hungry, I ate one strawberry,” said Kangin. “Before I went to sleep, I did some aerobic exercises and didn’t leave the dorm.”

Of course, the strict diet came with side effects.

“I started dieting because I wanted to look pretty at the end of the year ceremonies. But I think I overdid it and ended up getting a stomach disorder and aging faster,” said Kangin. “I don’t want to recommend it. I also took a lot of baths, so I think my blood pressure went up.”

Because he also didn’t leave the dorm, he ended up suffering from dry eye syndrome from his lack of sunlight and even became extra sensitive during his diet.

He said that aside from the weight loss, everything else was in bad shape.

Meanwhile, Splash will begin on August 23.

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