@KONABEANS0070: 오늘 코나빈스에 오시면 영단어 ‘Leader’ & ‘Special’과 연관된 알바생을 만날 수 있다는 게 트루?!
오랜만에 오신다고 하니 보고싶은 분들은 코나빈스에 방문해주세요~^^
*질서 꼭 지켜주세요!

Trans @KONABEANS0070 Is it true that if you come to Kona Beans today, you can meet the part time worker with the words “leader” and “special” relevant to them?! It’s been a long time since he visited so those who want to see, please visit Kona Beans~^^

*Please be respectful and be organized

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Shinhwa vs. Super Junior, Two Idol Generations Go Head to Head

The old and new idols came together in one place.

Hallyu star idol groups Shinhwa and Super Junior will appear together in order to decide which group is the better one.

On Saturday’s ‘Shinhwa Broadcast,’ Super Junior was invited to the show in order to compete with Shinhwa. The episode was titled, “Global Channel – Hallyu Competition.”

This is the first historic meeting of the two groups, who are very popular and famous for their activities both in music and in variety shows.

Yesung said, “I love Eric because he can rap in English so well.” Eunhyuk then said that Yesung can imitate it really well, which then increased expectations. Eric showed off his rap in Shinhwa’s ‘T.O.P’ first and Yesung followed it up with incredible focus.

Yesung said, “When I was in middle school, I used to follow it,” and imitated Eric’s rap style, which isn’t focused on getting the lyrics across but really his style. Shinhwa laughed at this and applauded him. Eric gave him a thumbs up, indicating his approval.

Taken from: kpopstarz.com

Super Junior Leeteuk’s Casanova Side Gets Revealed

Leeteuk didn’t know how to respond on SBS “Strong Heart” that was aired on Tuesday by Dasom and Kang Yesol’s ‘casanova’ story of Leeteuk.

Kang Yesol said “I knew Leetuek from cable programs but he texts me whenever I change my phone number.” Dasom also said that he texts her often.

Leeteuk didn’t know how to respond. Kang Yesol added on saying that he texts her three in the morning, and dasom added on saying that he sends it to all of the members and asks how they are doing, not only for me.

Eunhyuk said “he’s like that. Don’t be surprised.” Lee Jihyun said that Leeteuk is very lonely and trying hard with everyone. Leeteuk explained saying that he texted all the people on his contact list when he was in China. Dasom created a laughter saying that there’s a rumor to watch out for Leetuek within the girl groups.

Taken from: kpopstarz.com