Mama Mia Episode 22 & 23 with Kyuhyun and his mother [Eng Subbed]

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Super Junior’s Kyuhyun and SeeYa’s Kim Yeon Ji graduated from Kyung Hee University on August 21

Super Junior‘s Kyuhyun and SeeYa‘s Kim Yeon Ji will both graduate from the Department of Post Modern Music at Kyung Hee University on August 21!

Kyuhyun recently shared his thoughts on his upcoming graduation, saying, “If I entered college with special admission as a celebrity, I could’ve attended school comfortably. However, I passed the national college entrance exam and got accepted into the school with difficulty, so I have a lot of attachment to it.”

“If I have a class, I would sleep over my friend’s house near the school and attend the class in the morning and study at night. As I attended school, I learned a lot, and my studies became a big help to my career as an artist. I can breathe a sigh of relief once I graduate, but it’s sad that I would have to leave my classmates who always helped me out.”

Kyuhyun will move on to the graduate program at the same school next month.

Congrats Kyuhyun and Kim Yeon Ji!

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130819 SJ Tweets Compilation

@henrylau89: 헨리 메이크업 따라잡기~ 이렇게 하면 헨리가 될수있어요! 준비물은? 헨리에요^^(샵 스텝 노트에서 찾은 헨리 메이크업 방법ㅋㅋ)

Catch up with Henry’s makeup~ If you do this you can be Henry! Materials you’ll need? Henry^^ (Found in shop stylist’s notebook Henry’s makeup method kk)


@henrylau89: 北京见!!!

See you in Beijing!!!

@henrylau89: 143 mv teaser just released! …

@siwonn407: first day ..


@GaemGyu: ミュージカル三銃士のアンサンブル俳優達と…お疲れ様でした。いなかっぺじゃね-だ!


@ryeog9: 매력남~~^^

Charming man~~^^


@ryeong9: 잘생겼다 ~~ 우리형 ~~♥

Handsome ~~ Our hyung ~~♥


@ShinsFriends: 헨리 고고고!!! 143!! @henrylau89: 143 mv teaser just released!

Henry Gogogo!!! 143!!!

@GaemGyu: 닛산 스타디움 14만4천 관객의 마음을 흔들고 온 심창민님과 정의를 외치는 촌뜨기의 역사적인 만남..! 이 두 한류스타 녀석들 한국에선 못 보고 일본에서야 보게 되는구만ㅋㅋㅋ 나마비르 끝내자!!!!

Meeting Shim Changmin after he came back from shaking the hearts of 14,400 at the Nissan Stadium..! 2 Hallyu stars unable to meet in Korea but able to meet in Japan kkk Let’s end it!


@ryeong9: @GaemGyu 지 입으로 스타래 ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 아옙 ^^ ㅋㅋㅋ

Saying you are a star with that mouth kkkkk Ah yep ^^ kkk


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130729 Mamma Mia Kyuhyun In A Hat

In KBS 2TV ‘Happy Sunday-Mamma Mia’ aired on 28th, Kyuhyun ended up putting on a pink wide-brimmed hat MC Lee Young Ja gave while the two were going around a market in Hwasun, Jeollanam-do.

With the hat on his head, Kyuhyun started exuding charms with his beauty thanks to his good looks. Even Lee Young Ja was admiring his beauty.

In the episode, the two displayed friendly scenes by sharing bracelets and rings. When asked from the production crew if the rings were wedding rings, Kyuhyun laughed shyly at the ridiculous question.

Meanwhile, in the episode of ‘Mamma Mia,’ Actor Lee Ji Hoon and his father, announcer Park Eun Young and her mother, gagwoman Kim Young Hee and her mother, Singer Solbi and her mother made appearance and visited Lee Ji Hoon’s grandmother in Hwasun, Jeollanam-do.

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Kyuhyun creates a YouTube account and uploads a video of the Tokyo Dome Sapphire Blue Ocean

There was a wave of K-celebrities joining Instagram this past week, but Super Junior’s Kyuhyun has one-upped them by joining not a photo-sharing social networking site… but a video-sharing social networking site!

He created a YouTube account, and then uploaded a video of the Sapphire Blue Ocean he took himself at Super Junior’s Tokyo Dome stop of their world tour!

He tweeted his video (and account) onto his Twitter, writing, “2013.7.28 Super Show 5 DokyoDome Wave!!!!!! The ocean!!!!!! E.L.F’s Ocean ^^”

The members can’t help but be awed at the awesome wave, which starts off beautifully. At one point, one of the members even comment that it’s like watching the stars in the night sky.

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MV for Kyuhyun and Luna’s “Shine Your Way” for ‘The Croods’ OST

Earlier in the week, we reported that two of SM Entertainment‘s best vocalists, Super Junior‘sKyuhyun and f(x)‘s Luna, were lending their voices for the upcoming animated film ‘The Croods‘ OST.

Well, the music video for their song “Shine Your Way” has been released!

The music video features scenes from the movie along with footage of Kyuhyun and Luna recording in the studio.

Check it out below!

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