130929 Super Junior’s Heechul Becomes a Webtoonist

Super Junior’s Heechul is going to make his debut as a webtoonist.On September 27th, according to SM Entertainment, Heechul will be releasing his own webtoon ‘ZZINPANG Family’ through many websites such as SMTOWN homepage, ZZINPANG Facebook, and Kyobo bookstore’ s web page.

‘ZZINPANG Family’ is a co-production by Kim Heechul and famous Naver webtoonist, Kian84. The main character of the cartoon is ZZINPANG, which Heechul designed through out the years which many of you have seen before, along with his cat, Hee Bum. For the next eight weeks, the webtoon will be released every Thursday at noon.

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Super Junior’s Heechul Wants to Go on “We Got Married” with EXO’s Xiumin

Ah, Heechul is back in full force.

Super Junior member Heechul, who recently completed his military service, appeared as a guest on the radio show “Super Junior’s Kiss the Radio” on September 2. The MC, Super Junior member Ryeowook, asked Heechul who he wanted to go on the variety program “We Got Married” with. Heechul gave the unexpected answer of naming EXO‘s Xiumin as his desired partner for the virtual marriage tv program.

Heechul continued, “I saw Xiumin at weddings two times but everytime he greeted me, I ran away. I hope they can call Hong Seok Cheon so a love triangle can form.” Hong Seok Cheon is an actor and restauranteur who is one of the first Korean celebrities to come out as gay.

Heechul choosing Xiumin- can it be because Xiumin looks similiar to Heechul’s favorite celebrity, Wonder Girls‘ Sohee?

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Heechul makes it clear that he will not be returning as an MC on ‘Radio Star’

Heechul made it clear that he left MBC’s ‘Radio Star’ for good, prior to his enlistment, and has now left the reigns on the show for Kyuhyun.

Heechul was welcomed back by fellow member Ryeowook on the September 2 broadcast of KBS Cool FM’s ‘Super Junior’s Kiss the Radio’. As Heechul is being flooded with love calls from variety shows, Heechul revealed that his former spot on ‘Radio Star’ isn’t one of them, sharing, “I probably won’t even appear on ‘Radio Star’ as a guest. For Kyuhyun’s sake, I don’t think it’s right for me to take the spot of my dongseng who is going on the same path… I didn’t temporarily leave that position. Kyuhyun is now the owner of that spot.”

To lighten the mood, when asked who he wants to couple up with on ‘We Got Married’ if given the opportunity, Heechul answered, “I want to film [‘We Got Married’] with EXO’s Xiumin… Call over Hong Suk Chun so we can make it a love triangle”, joking about what would be ‘We Got Married’s first ever bromance.

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Heechul addresses the issue of his sasaeng fans

It’s been all but 3 days since Heechul was discharged from the army, but it looks like he’s already suffering from sasaeng fans.

He posted a photo of a cartoon on his Instagram and wrote, “[Laugh].. I still have sasaengs who stick around.. I’m feeling really good lately, but I don’t know if I should just be cool about it or make a fuss.. I think I got too nice….”.

The photo itself reads, “I’m just going to cut off your wrists!!!”, showing how angry he was, and perhaps suggesting the sasaeng fans were grabbing at him.