Kangin & Henry’s Arena Homme Plus Interview Trans

It’s been 8 years since group ‘Super Junior’ debuted. Thirteen members each worked on their music shows, and also worked in variety shows and many other areas. Among them, Kangin was a familiar face. His quick sense and ability to speak well was shown on variety shows. As the numbers of his variety shows increased, more gossips were spread. After long time, Kangin quietly returned to his position. After his army service, he finally returned to Super Junior as the first reserved soldier. Joining in a unit targeted for China, Super Junior-M, Henry made his name known in Korea in June with his first mini album “Trap”, and as a first male solo SM has presented in 13 years. With father from Hong Kong, and mother from Taiwan, he was raised in Canada, and is now a global idol that promoted in China. He studied classical music since he was little, and his talent for pop music was discovered early. His album is full of songs composed by him thanks to that. His honest and slightly weird way of talking on variety shows became a hot topic, and he’s an idol with Korean and foreign fans. But at the photo shoot locations, he was like a little a boy.

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Siwon’s Audi Interview Trans

Hong Kong Films Awards in April, Chanel Cruise Collection in Singapore in May, Super Show 5 in Jakarta, Indonesia in June… You were really everywhere. But your condition seems to be good.
I returned to Seoul yesterday after Jakarta concert. Next week, I have to go to Hong Kong. There’s Super Junior’s concert there. Because I have gotten used to going overseas often, I don’t find it hard anymore. I eat every meal, and exercise often. That is how I manage my conditions.

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[Fan Account]120122-120123 Super Junior – SIWON & Running Man/LeeSsang – GARY

This was one incredible Chinese New Year experience I have ever had. But its was an overwhelming and worn out experience too!

I didn’t expect anything to happen during celebrating the year of the Dragon, especially on New Years Day. To make it clear I’m a horse from Chinese zodiac animals , I didn’t think I would get any luck from the dragon. But the experience was pure luck in two days, I felt it paid off and I met on the same day Super Junior’s Siwon and Running Man’s Gary from my two days of searching. I won’t forget the help from our friends & Twitter!! lol xD

IF you don’t know who is Super Junior’s Siwon and Running Man’s Gary, I’ll give you a bit of information.

Siwon is well known member in Korean boy group called Super Junior, he is known as the face of Super Junior because he is handsome.

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[Transcript] 111204 EunTeuk Last Sukira Broadcast

leeteuk:i remember this day – on a really cold winter’s night – there was exactly one person [that came to watch]. it was a really cold night – the coldest – minus thirty degrees
eunhyuk:eeey not really
leeteuk:no really! and it was so cold we thought it would be good if she could come in [into the same room] and watch sukira
eunhyuk:and from that day, a lot of people kept coming and coming even in the cold weather thinking ‘oh i’ll be that one person’
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110831 SJ-M answer fans questions. Interview on their favourite chinese food

Korea’s idol group SJ popularity were known worldwide. We can always hear fans loud screaming whenever they appear. Super Junior sub unit SJ-M went China for their promotional activities, inclusive of members Henry and Zhoumi.
They went all out for their development, example acting, appear in musicals, and being emcee(s). Their popularity increased more after the fan meeting in Beijing. During the interview, the members revealed that other than working, they learn mandarin, eat Chinese delicacies, and they hopes to share with everyone too.

@wangcan0312: Other than the fans here, what other things in China that attracts SJ-M members? The food? Scenery? Culture? Or? What do you like most among the chinese food here?
Sungmin: The deepest impression i have in China is food. Especially steamboat.
Ryeowook: To me, I think China is really big. We have to fly in between the cities for our schedule. And china fans are very bubbly. Most of them are kind.
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110823 Shim Shim Tapa – Heechul Cut Transcript


SD: Shindong
PGY: Park Gyuri
HC: Heechul


M&D- Close Ur Mouth Song

SD: This is Shindong and Park Gyuri’s Shim Shim Tapa!
HC: What!
PGY: This is the broadcast.
SD: I’m sorry, this is broadcasting, please quiet down.
HC: Wow, your opening is like this…
SD: Who are you and where are you from?
HC: Hello, listeners! I’m the big space star Kim Heechul.
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Sure 9 Magazine September Edition – Translations of contents related to Kim Kibum

Body: Actor Kim Kibum who has debuted from idol group Super Junior will be making a comeback through a drama “Deep Rooted Tree”. While reading through his past filmography, everyone will probably be surprised by his potential and passion in performing. It was understood that before he made his debut through Super Junior, he had already started his filming activities by filming “Sharp 2”. After that, he had slowly accumulated his experiences and polished his acting through other works such as “Snow Flower”, “Rainbow Romance”, “Chunja’s Happy Events”, etc. In addition, he has made his first silver-screen appearance in “Jumunjin”, also, he participated in a play “A Middle Nap” which is directed by Heo Jinho, along with Lee Young Ha, Kim Chang Wan and Oh Kwang Lok, and other experienced seniors, it was almost the first Continue reading