If you have questions~

Post your questions to our page:

This is a site where you can post your questions and we will try to answer them as quickly and to the best of our ability. But do note, some questions may be ignored. Questions that are rude or too personal or questions that answers can be found easily through searching on Google or other search engines. If your questions do not fall into those categories, we will try our best to answer them. However, you may receive answers such as, “I don’t know” or “I’m not sure” and if so, please do not be upset or angry, but please remember that the admins here are just the same as you are. We do not have first hand information nor do we live in Korea, but we will try our best to update your with the latest information when we have it :)

Some questions you can ask:
1. Questions related to Super Junior
2. Questions related to KPOP
3. Questions related to Korea or Korean (I can’t teach Korean but I can help you if you are facing problems with learning the language).

Alternatively, you may leave a comment below, tweet or send us an email ^^

♥SJcouples Admins


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