You’ve tweeted us, talked to us, laugh with us, be happy with us, goes crazy with us and spazz over super junior with us & finally you’ve met us (as in our photos) . We’re Haziqah, Fidelia and Francine from @sjcouples on twitter.

It’s great to finally allow all our followers to see the US that you’ve tweeted with everyday (:

A brief descripton about us:

We’re from Singapore (: & yes, we know each other personally; Haziqah and Fidelia are classmates and Fidelia and Francine are sisters. Both Haziqah & Fidelia are 21 (92-liner) this year while Francine is the maknae in the team being 19 (94-liner) this year (:

Our favourite SJ couples:

Haziqah – SiHae
Fidelia – KyuMin
Francine – EunHae

Our favourite SJ member:

Haziqah – Siwon
Fidelia – Kyuhyun
Francine – Eunhyuk

Basically, we love every single 13 boys in Super Junior & the 2 boys too in SJ-M !

Thanks lovelies for you support! ♥

you can always find us on twitter, @sjcouples or you can email to us at



11 thoughts on “Admins

  1. 안녕하세요, 나는 귀하의 페이지처럼…그것은 나에게 정보를 제공합니다….그것 좀 계속 !!!!!!!화이팅!!!!!!!!!

    • yes, i know how to speak korean 🙂
      you can check out Daehan Korean Language Centre at Kembangan, that’s where i take my lessons.
      for more info, you can tweet us @sjcouples.

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