This fan account @sjcouples was officially created on 9th May 2010 by two classmates who absolutely adore Super Junior. Actually both Haziqah and Fidelia did not talk much in class before they found out that they both loved Super Junior and they started talking/texting/chatting all day long to each other about Super Junior. The idea of creating this account was already thought by the both of us but the person who gave us the idea of the name @sjcouples is our dongsaeng elf that we met on twitter (:
Though we begin with only two admins, we welcomed another addition to our family.
The three admins are from Singapore and we are Haziqah, Fidelia and Francine.
yes, we know each other personally (:
We didn’t expect to get a lot of support and love from everyone and we absolutely want to thank every single one of you for the support and love given thus far.

Dedicated to our love for SJ and all SJ Couples. Latest news, translations and anything not found on our tumblr, will be posted here.

Please take with credits too when reuploading. thank you (:
we do not take credit for any of the photos/videos/facts unless stated so.

If you have photos/facts/videos/news/articles/etc. to share with us, you can email to us (:

you can always find us on twitter, @sjcouples or you can email to us at sj.couples@gmail.com

Hope you like it ELFs. Thanks for your support! 사랑해 WE LOVE YOU! ♥

♥ Haziqah, Fidelia and Francine.


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