130929 Super Junior’s Heechul Becomes a Webtoonist

Super Junior’s Heechul is going to make his debut as a webtoonist.On September 27th, according to SM Entertainment, Heechul will be releasing his own webtoon ‘ZZINPANG Family’ through many websites such as SMTOWN homepage, ZZINPANG Facebook, and Kyobo bookstore’ s web page.

‘ZZINPANG Family’ is a co-production by Kim Heechul and famous Naver webtoonist, Kian84. The main character of the cartoon is ZZINPANG, which Heechul designed through out the years which many of you have seen before, along with his cat, Hee Bum. For the next eight weeks, the webtoon will be released every Thursday at noon.

Source: K-POP on YouTube & http://ningin.com
Shared at sup3rjunior.com by uksujusid

Reposted by Fid @ sjcouples


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