Super Junior’s Heechul to guest on ‘Kiss the Radio’

After returning to civilian life, Super Junior’s Heechul is ready for his first schedule as a celebrity!

He’ll be featuring as a guest on KBS Cool FM’s ‘Super Junior’s Kiss the Radio’ on September 2. As most of you already know, ‘Kiss the Radio’ (‘SuKiRa’) is hosted by Super Junior’s Ryeowook.

The broadcast will be themed around the title, ‘Big World Star’s Return to Earth Project’, and Ryeowook will be revealing stories about living with Heechul as well as other happenings.

Heechul was discharged from mandatory army duties on the 30th. Are you excited to see him back?

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Earnings of SM, YG, and JYP for the first half of 2013 revealed

The first half of 2013 sales numbers and figures from Korea’s top three entertainment agencies, SM Entertainment (041510:KOSDAQ), YG Entertainment (122870:KOSDAQ), and JYP Entertainment (035900:KOSDAQ), have been revealed as all three companies are publicly traded on the Korean electronic stock exchange, KOSDAQ.

On August 29, Korea’s Financial Supervisory Service revealed the 14th semi-annual financial report to the public, which reveals the earnings of all three agencies from January 1, 2013 to June 30, 2013.

The accumulated revenue of all three companies in the first half of the year amounted to a record high of 173 billion KRW (approximately $155,889,608.00 USD). In comparison to the same time frame last year, the total revenue for the first half of 2012 for SM, YG, and JYP was 114.1 billion KRW (approximately $102,815,053.60 USD). When looking at just the overall numbers, K-Pop seems to be on a consistent rise because a good fraction of their increased revenue is from the recent success of the genre.

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Super Junior’s Heechul goes on a posting spree on Instagram after his discharge

Super Junior’s Heechul wasted no time in getting closer with fans after his discharge from the army today. He’s already updated his Instagram with a selca spree!

Heechul updated his Instagram with the post, “With Taengu,” referring to Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon by her nickname. For the silly selca, Heechul put on red extensions to match the color of his shirt, going for a long hairstyle with Taeyeon.

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Heechul greets his fans with a wave after his discharge from military service

After what feels like an eternity, Heechul (30) has officially been discharged with the completion of his service!

Since he wanted a quiet discharge, Heechul did not plan any sort of event and thus, did not offer any words or speech. However, to express is gratitude for the 150+ fans and reporters that had gathered anyways, Heechul stepped outside briefly to smile and wave.

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130828 Super Junior Twitter Updates + Trans

@ryeong9: 하이스쿨뮤지컬..  오늘이면 안녕이구나.. 늘 만남과 이별을 해 왔던 나이지만  늘 끝은 어색하고 싫어.. ㅠ 오늘 4시 공연 많이 와주세요 마지막 공연 맛깔나게 끝내보도록 할게요 ~~♥ 감사합니다~~

High school musical.. It’s goodbye today.. At the age where there’s always meetings and partings but the endings are awkward and I hate it.. ㅠ Please come to the 4pm show today, I will end it awesomely ~~ ♥ Thank you~~

@Donghae861015: Everybody Take care ): I’m so sick !!

Kangin & Henry’s Arena Homme Plus Interview Trans

It’s been 8 years since group ‘Super Junior’ debuted. Thirteen members each worked on their music shows, and also worked in variety shows and many other areas. Among them, Kangin was a familiar face. His quick sense and ability to speak well was shown on variety shows. As the numbers of his variety shows increased, more gossips were spread. After long time, Kangin quietly returned to his position. After his army service, he finally returned to Super Junior as the first reserved soldier. Joining in a unit targeted for China, Super Junior-M, Henry made his name known in Korea in June with his first mini album “Trap”, and as a first male solo SM has presented in 13 years. With father from Hong Kong, and mother from Taiwan, he was raised in Canada, and is now a global idol that promoted in China. He studied classical music since he was little, and his talent for pop music was discovered early. His album is full of songs composed by him thanks to that. His honest and slightly weird way of talking on variety shows became a hot topic, and he’s an idol with Korean and foreign fans. But at the photo shoot locations, he was like a little a boy.

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Siwon’s Audi Interview Trans

Hong Kong Films Awards in April, Chanel Cruise Collection in Singapore in May, Super Show 5 in Jakarta, Indonesia in June… You were really everywhere. But your condition seems to be good.
I returned to Seoul yesterday after Jakarta concert. Next week, I have to go to Hong Kong. There’s Super Junior’s concert there. Because I have gotten used to going overseas often, I don’t find it hard anymore. I eat every meal, and exercise often. That is how I manage my conditions.

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