Kyuhyun creates a YouTube account and uploads a video of the Tokyo Dome Sapphire Blue Ocean

There was a wave of K-celebrities joining Instagram this past week, but Super Junior’s Kyuhyun has one-upped them by joining not a photo-sharing social networking site… but a video-sharing social networking site!

He created a YouTube account, and then uploaded a video of the Sapphire Blue Ocean he took himself at Super Junior’s Tokyo Dome stop of their world tour!

He tweeted his video (and account) onto his Twitter, writing, “2013.7.28 Super Show 5 DokyoDome Wave!!!!!! The ocean!!!!!! E.L.F’s Ocean ^^”

The members can’t help but be awed at the awesome wave, which starts off beautifully. At one point, one of the members even comment that it’s like watching the stars in the night sky.

Tip: suju-13

Credits: allkpop
Reposted by Fid @ sjcouples

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