130728 Shindong, Criticizes Thin Idol Singers In Comedy Big League

Super Junior’s Shindong made guest appearance in tvN ‘Comedy Big League’ and made a harsh criticism on idol singers.

In episode aired on 27th, Shindong made appearance and evoked laughter by acting furious at thin people. With Lee Guk Joo, Shindong complained how hard it is to live in the world full of thin idols.

Shindong made appearance in ‘Comedy Big League’ for Lee Guk Joo’s sake who is working with Shindong in MBC FM ‘ShinDong’s ShimShimTaPa.’ In the episode, many were entertained at his humor.

On that day, through her me2day Lee Guk Joo posted a picture with Shindong with a caption that reads, “My loyal friend Shindong made appearance in a segment of Comedy Big League. Thank you so much. Go ShimShimTapa!!! Go Comedy Big League!!!”

In the picture, Lee Guk Joo and Shindong are making funny facial expressions with others in the segment of the program Shindong participated, who were Shin Giroo and Moon Se-yoon. The picture exudes friendly atmosphere. Lee Guk Joo’s thumbs-up and Shindong’s bright smile is making the picture look even more lively making the viewers happy.

Meanwhile, just like her nickname ‘Positive Pig,’ Lee Guk Joo is loved by the audience for confidence and brightness in her. She is also actively taking part in various works. She made a guest appearance in a radio program evoking laughter and she even runs her own internet shopping mall, JJOO DANGDANG, for plus size women.

Source: OSEN
Shared at sup3rjunior.com by uksujusid

Credits: sup3rjunior.com
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