Shindong receives ‘Half Bronze Mouth’ award for his 5th year anniversary on ‘ShimShimTaPa’

Shindong received the ‘Half Bronze Mouth’ award.

ShimShimTaPa‘ awarded Shindong the half bronze mouth as he celebrated the fifth anniversary as a DJ on the popular MBC radio show. Shindong started his DJ gig back in April 2008, and has been keeping his steady place even as his partners have come and gone over the years.

The ‘Bronze Mouth’ award is usually for MBC DJs who have been with a radio program for 10 years. Since he’s been there for only half a decade, the staff gave Shindong a ‘Half Bronze Mouth’ as a surprise event gift for his fifth anniversary. The CP of the show said, “We hope that this will be an incentive for you to fill the next 5 years here. You should be awarded the full ‘Bronze Mouth’ and not just the half so we can hang you next to Choi Yang Rak sunbae” and encouraged Shindong in his continued work.

Gyuri, who was one of his previous partners, had come over from her drama set to congratulate Shindong. She joked, “Did you give him the ‘Half Bronze Mouth’ so you can make a slave contract with him?“.

Shindong replied, “The day before I enlist, I’ll shave my head on ‘ShimShimTaPa’. When I’m discharged, I won’t go home. I’ll come straight back to ‘ShimShimTaPa’. I’ll be here for 15 more years so I can receive the ‘Golden Mouth’ award like Bae Chul Soo sunbaenim.

Congratulations to Shindong!

Credits: Allkpop

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