130419 Super Junior SNS Posts [Compilation]

Zhoumi Weibo Update

The company said that I’m turning into an adult today, so they sent someone to bring me on a journey to South America first! Let’s go! Members, see you there (south america)!

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Yesung and Donghae pucker up for a new set of selcas

With Yesung’s enlistment approaching closer with each day, Super Junior‘s Yesung and Donghaemade sure to enjoy their moments together with Donghae even puckering up as to give Yesung a peck!

Donghae shared on his Twitter, “Nice weather ^^ with YS !! Summer is coming…”, and left fans smiling with their bromance as they played around, taking turns puckering up. However, Donghae starts to aim his lips toward Yesung with each photo, leaving Yesung playfully scowling.

Donghae also didn’t forget to send his fans a kiss as he thanked them, writing,

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@KONABEANS0070: 오늘 코나빈스에 오시면 영단어 ‘Leader’ & ‘Special’과 연관된 알바생을 만날 수 있다는 게 트루?!
오랜만에 오신다고 하니 보고싶은 분들은 코나빈스에 방문해주세요~^^
*질서 꼭 지켜주세요!

Trans @KONABEANS0070 Is it true that if you come to Kona Beans today, you can meet the part time worker with the words “leader” and “special” relevant to them?! It’s been a long time since he visited so those who want to see, please visit Kona Beans~^^

*Please be respectful and be organized

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Hangeng and EXO-M win at the 13th Top Chinese Music Awards

Guess who won at the recently held 13th Top Chinese Music AwardsHangeng and EXO-M!

According to Wikipedia, the award show, which was held on April 14 at Shenzhen, aims to give recognition and awards to the top artists of Mainland China, Taiwan and Hong Kong. It was been established in 2001, and we’re happy to let everyone know that for this year, Hangeng and EXO-M were among the winners!

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Jackie Chan photobombs Siwon and Andy Lau!

Not many people can say they took a picture with Jackie Chan, but even less can say they were photobombed by him.

Siwonrecently snapped a photo with the famous Andy Lau. The photo was supposed to be your typical courteous shot between two handsome celebrities, that is… until Jackie Chan decided to photobomb them. The actor peeked his head in between Andy Lau and Siwon when they were looking at the camera, smiling mischievously as the other two had no idea what was happening behind them.

Siwon tweeted the photo onto SKT‘s Twitter and wrote, “Ah, the photo is… ^^“.

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