Leeteuk deletes tweets involving actress Lee Min Jung

Fans were upset with Super Junior‘s Leeteuk after he mentioned that his ideal woman was someone other than his on-air wife, Kang Sora.

On January 25th, the singer had tweeted, “With Lee Min Jung nuna“, and shared a photo from the 21stSeoul Music Awards that took place on the 19th.

He continued, “Lee Min Jung nuna personally handed me the Daesang award. I’ve seen her before on ‘Healing Camp‘. She is beautiful on the outside, but she also possesses a beautiful mind and has become my ideal woman.”

Outraged fans responded by mentioning Kang Sora’s name in their tweets, thus expressing that they felt Leeteuk was being disrespectful to his ‘We Got Married‘ spouse.

The idol later posted, “I think this photo with Lee Min Jung nuna is funny, is it not? I guess I can’t even say that I’m a fan of anyone anymore. I’m a Super Junior fan… is that better? Doesn’t matter, I’m used to being chewed out by everyone… I don’t care… I’ll live longer as a result…

Dreams can help you develop and grow, but delusion can cause harm to those around you,” he said.“There are so many delusional people these days… I guess the Internet isn’t always such a great tool after all.

Leeteuk’s tweets became a hot topic of conversation for netizens online, especially after he deleted the tweets.

Was Leeteuk at fault or were netizens out of line? Tell us your thoughts below.


Source & Image : MyDaily via Nate, Seoul NTN News


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