[Fan Account]120122-120123 Super Junior – SIWON & Running Man/LeeSsang – GARY

This was one incredible Chinese New Year experience I have ever had. But its was an overwhelming and worn out experience too!

I didn’t expect anything to happen during celebrating the year of the Dragon, especially on New Years Day. To make it clear I’m a horse from Chinese zodiac animals , I didn’t think I would get any luck from the dragon. But the experience was pure luck in two days, I felt it paid off and I met on the same day Super Junior’s Siwon and Running Man’s Gary from my two days of searching. I won’t forget the help from our friends & Twitter!! lol xD

IF you don’t know who is Super Junior’s Siwon and Running Man’s Gary, I’ll give you a bit of information.

Siwon is well known member in Korean boy group called Super Junior, he is known as the face of Super Junior because he is handsome.

Gary is rapper of group called Leessang and part of a variety TV show called Running Man. He is a pretty funny guy who known for MondayCouple, stress and peaceful Gary.

Going back to my fan account…

On 22nd January 2012, I didn’t expect anything to happen during Chinese New Year Eve, I don’t celebrate it early. Me and family celebrate it on Chinese New Year Day and on Sunday I had a free day. Suddenly at 11.28am Siwon’s tweet, he talk about being somewhere in Europe. He didn’t tell you exactly where he was. If you look at the photo he tweeted, it is taken just off an alleyway in Bond Street area, with small shops and restaurants so its wasn’t on a main street. Bond Street is usually a place where you can buy something when you come to London. He went somewhere that was pretty quiet instead of crowd place. So you can’t easily spot him.

“22nd Jan – ate too much. Beautiful street. I can feel splendor here lovely place here. Let you guess where I am :)”, Siwon tweet

Before I found out about Siwon’s tweet, my friend Carmen (@carmento on Twitter) who is a Scottish ELF, texted me in capital letters, saying it was urgent. I didn’t have a clue what she was talking about so I tried calling her but she wasn’t picking up. So I went on twitter as I normally do for updates. I looked at Siwon’s tweet, I wondered why the photo looked so similar? I couldn’t figure it out. Carmen finally rang me back and during that time I was reading my friends’ tweets saying SIWON IS IN LONDON. But other people were still guessing where he was? Europe? London? Paris? Rome? Etc…? But he was in LONDON! Carmen said I should go!!! I live out of London and but it only takes me about 33mins to get into Central London. I was thinking of asking my friend Zara (@zazaku84 on Twitter) who is also a fan of Super Junior, to come with me but she went visited her family out of London. So I was going to be alone in London, trying to find Siwon. But suddenly my two friends who are fans of KPOP asked me if I was going to London to see Siwon. After Siwon tweeted it and I said “HELL YES!” after talking to @_eikochan & @nicolechai. I really wanted to meet another Super Junior member. I met Eunhyuk when he came to London 29.10.11 for Chelsea vs Arsenal football match with Zara (@zazaku84) and thats where we met fellow ELF JoJo (@_eikochan on Twitter).

^Super Junior: Eunhyuk at Stamford Bridge. 29.10.11

If you search on YouTube – type “Eunhyuk London” for the hits.

Video “Eunhyuk in Stamford Bridge” – this was recorded by someone who recorded me whilst I was getting his autograph…I didn’t know I was being recorded, thanks to that person who did it 🙂

Video “[Fancam] of Eunhyuk with fans.wmv” – this clip was from my friend’s camera, it’s a camera that can take pictures and record a video at same time. By looking at the video, me & Lo (@kangaroo1002 on Twitter) & Zara (@zazaku84) got a picture with Eunhyuk.

Video “111029 eunhyuk in london (few secs)” – this my short clip of Eunhyuk, I didn’t really have any space on my phone…so I couldn’t record much.

I rushed up to London around 1pm, I met up with @_eikochan and @nicholechai , trying to find Siwon, All of the photos he tweeted were clues of where he was, but we couldn’t find him still. Fail Mission! We had looked for hours and suddenly Lo (@kangaroo1002 on Twitter) came from Reading around 3pm and tagged along. We went to Westminster Abbey because we knew Siwon is a very religious person and we thought he would go there but he didn’t. We went everywhere in Central to find him, but with no luck. For 7 HOURS we tried to find him at hotels he might stay at, or streets he will go, using photos from his tweets as guidance. Our friends who couldn’t be there helped to guide us. JoJo (@_eikochan) and Lo (@kangaroo1002) couldn’t stay long because it was Chinese New Year Eve! So @nicholechai and I were left alone and we tried our best to find him.

Siwon’s tweets were like a game of cat and mouse, trying find him. Fan vs Captian Choi!!! We have gave up around 7pm!!! We had failed on the first day!! I was so tired and so was @nicholechai so we told friends we had stopped looking.

BAD NEWS: We found out later he went to New Malden, which is outside of London. Siwon went out of London after he tweeted about finishing his lunch. On 22nd January it was a SUNDAY, he went to a Korean Church in New Malden (this town is known a large Korean community in England). So me & friends tried to find him around central for 7 HOURS was a waste of time as he wasn’t in London for the whole afternoon….lol xD I was thinking it wasn’t destined for us to meet Siwon in London!!! I’m not going to get my CD sign!!! 😦

On 23rd January 2012 – Chinese New Year Day!!! Year of the Dragon! It was difficult for my family to celebrate together because of work and they couldn’t make it. We postponed celebrating till Tuesday 24th, when my whole family could celebrate it together. I ended up doing nothing as I didn’t have uni today.

At 11.52am siwon tweet:

“hello amazing city London! Let’s make a beautiful time with me. Find me now ;P” (its was with picture himself in oxford circus.

Round 2!!! Captain Choi I’ll find you!!!

At 1pm again @nicolechai and I tried to find Siwon again near Oxford Circus, Bond Street, Marble Arch and others places….with help from @wanwan0903 and @wanyee89420 (Nicholes sisters) Zara (@zazaku84) and Carmen (@carmento). They were all at home giving us updates on where Captain Choi will go! Nicole skipped uni today, (bad unnie) but she was there for me 🙂 We started hearing news about fans meeting him at around 2.30pm I think? It was really a chase, cat and mouse, trying to find him @.@! We were so close to him and ended up with nothing….! After awhile @nicolechai and I went to eat at McDonalds, we hadn’t eaten anything all day! lol

At 5pm Siwon’s tweets he was Tate Morden (art museum)

@nicolechai and I rushed to Tate by taxi from Leciester Square. We were figuring out how to find him in the Tate because it’s a big place. We talking to our friends with a plan, should we wait outside or look inside the gallery for him? @nicolechai and I went on every floor and in every room. He wasn’t there at all, he has must have left and tweeted after he visited the gallery. I was talking to Carmen (@carmento) on my phone, she try her best to find out, same with others that were helping us. But we end up a dead end again, not finding Captian Choi!(its a one of his nicknames)

I tweeted:

“Mayb I wasn’t meant be a elf!!!!!! 😦 5.39pm”

Suddenly my friends who couldn’t be there, they cant believe it! Nicole and I were getting tired, thinking there was no chance in meeting Siwon in person. We went a bit crazy because we were so close to seeing him. At one point I wanted to go home. No luck seeing Siwon AGAIN!! Stalking skills were failing us 😦

At 6pm

We were walking past London Eye, suddenly three Korean guys walked past I didn’t really see the faces. I was looking at my phone, waiting for my brother to text me back. Suddenly Nicole turns her head around, shouts “Gary” twice. He turns around and he answered “Ne”. Both of us keep on saying “Annyeonghasaeyo!”and we bow at him. Gary did the same thing as well. Nicole said “STRESS” and he replied with “yay…, STRESS”. But the second I asked Nicole should we ask for picture with him? At that point Gary was walking away….Nicole said “er…..?” I said, “We’ve just bumped into Running Man Gary?” “Come on its Gary!!” Nicole took few seconds to agree with me, we decided to catch up with him. But Nicole was a bit slow because we were outside since 1pm and its was soooooo cold! So I decided to run to Gary, calling his name out twice. Then he stops as well as the two people who are with him. I asked him if we could take a photo with him and he agrees. The two people who are with him were nice and they took the photo for us.

Whilst we already taking pictures with him, Gary started to talk to me, asking questions. But Nicole went quiet and didn’t really talk at all. Gary sensed I was willingly to talk and he ask me…“where are you from?” I replied “I’m from London” but truth is I live in outer London, I didn’t want to confuse him and so I said “I’m from London” because I sensed his English isn’t great but he spoke fine 🙂 And he asked me “what are you?” I think he was asking, “what culture I am?” Lol xD His English is basic but pretty good. I said “I’m Chinese” I was bit too excited talking to Gary and ended up explaining that I’m mixed race, born in England. I’m a half Malaysian Chinese and half Filipina. He nodded as he took photos with Nicole & I. I’m sorry that the photo is dark because we were outside of the London Eye at night. We said Thank You in English and Korean whilst we bowed to each other. Also Gary informed us that he was with broadcasting crew (two people that was with him) and we smiled at him. We said goodbye. Then Nicole and I walked a bit further away and I started screaming and smiling a lot. I think Gary heard me…lol he wasn’t really that far from us. I dare turn around in case he noticed it and Nicole was happy too. “I cant believe we met Running Man Gary” I said, “and he talked to me!”. I was smiling so much, even though he isn’t as famous as Siwon but still!

Nicole said “you will never have the chance to meet people who are on a TV variety from Korean broadcast unless you in Seoul.” We were lucky enough to meet Gary, bumping into him at London eye!!! We knew Gary was in London, but we never thought we’d bump into him at London Eye. After we just saw Gary, we were thinking about how we could find Captian Choi!!! It was so hard to find him yesterday and this afternoon. But I was glad to meet Gary with Nicole and it cheered me up, I was SO close to going home as there was no luck in seeing Siwon but it all changed after seeing Gary. Thanks to @nicolechai’s skilful eyes to spot Korean stars!! She spotted Running Man’s Gary! I wouldn’t have noticed him while looking at my phone during time XD Gary was really nice, allowing us to take photos with him and talking to him!!! He talked to me!!! I don’t know what happened to @nicolechai!! lol she was so quiet! she said she played it cool xD

^LeeSsang/Running Man: Gary at London Eye.23.1.12

Now afterwards we walked around Westminster > Charing Cross > Chinatown > Soho > Regent Street, still looking for Captain Choi!!!!


Carmen (@carmento) Zara (@zazaku84) @wanwan0903 @wanyee89420 who were at home said they would ring us if they found out the location where he was having dinner. At that moment, Nicole and I were at Regent Street trying to find the restaurant by ourself, looking at Siwon’s last tweet with a photo of a female playing a piano. @wanwan0903 rang me tell us he was at Arirang Korean restaurant because a fan use her Weibo to upload her photo she took recently with him and @wanyee89420 recognized the restaurant interior from photo. Zara (@zazaku84) also spotted that the Weibo post had location tag to confirm it was Arirang restaurant.

So @nicolechai and I grabbed a taxi to get to Oxford Street, finally the taxi dropped us where the location was, we walked to restaurant. This was our chance to meet Siwon and we wouldn’t miss this opportunity. Whilst we walked towards the restaurant, we checked if Siwon was in there by looking through the window of restaurant. “Is Siwon there?” I said “no….wait” Nicole said. “yes” Nicole said, “really!” I said

I noticed that there were two elder Korean men who were standing outside too, they noticed us and had heard what we saying, that we were here for Siwon and they smiled at us. I don’t know if @nicolechai noticed it too. We were getting really excited but nervous too and Nicole went really shy waiting outside!!! Then…

Siwon and his family came out from Arirang…it was a big family and maybe there were family friends too (I wasn’t sure if it was his family or not. but its looks like his family, I haven’t seen any photos of Siwon’s family at all, so I had no clue). They were taking photos with him and he was so cute with the kids. He was holding a small boy in his arms. @nicolechai and I went up to him, an elderly man, maybe his dad or someone in family notice us, he pointed at us. Siwon turned around to face us. The elderly man wore really bright clothes, I couldn’t stop looking at him. We said “Annyeonghasaeyo!” and ask him, “can we have your autograph?” Siwon said “yes” and he smiled. Suddenly I ask @nicolechai for my Bonamana CD because she was carrying it for me, my bag was small and CD didn’t fit in. I had to repeat to @nicolechai to give me my CD because she was so nervous! She went blank at me. Lol if you could only see her face…xD EPIC! Finally she gave me my CD. The reason why I didn’t bring the latest CD, my Mr Simple Ver A – C because I wanted him sign his name on the same CD that Eunhyuk had signed. Eunhyuk’s photo in the CD booklet is next to Siwon’s.. Siwon noticed, Eunhyuk’s signture, he didn’t really say anything but he was staring at it for while.

Then he ask us, “how did you find me?” whilst signing Nicole’s notebook. Nicole went “er….?” I quickly replied “good researches!” I was going to explain to him, how, with the help from @wanwan0903 @wanyee89420 Zara (@zazaku84) and Carmen (@carmento) but I didn’t want to tell him that we were stalking him from Twitter, Weibo, receiving tips and calls from our friends who helped us to find him. He was really surprised. Also Nicole told him we met Gary but he didn’t say anything or he didn’t know Gary was here, while he was writing in the notebook. He had taken a photo with Arirang’s waiters too. After the Arirang waiters, we asked to take a photo with him before he left. But he said no….I turned my head towards @nicolechai, my face with a sad expression 😦 I think one of the elders who wore bright clothes noticed that we were surprised that Siwon said “no” to us. Elder man said “Sajin” means photo in Korean to Siwon, then Siwon agreed that we could take a photo with him. I don’t know why he refused us, maybe because he wasn’t in a good mood as we first thought. He tried to take the photos quickly because his family was waiting for him. But I don’t think his family minded it. Also I don’t think they realised how popular Siwon is? with fans? To see it in person. They were curious and the elder was nice 🙂

If you are wondering where is (kiss) he promised to give to the fans that found him, it didn’t cross my mind to ask him about it and time we were with Siwon went very quick, its lasted around 15mins. I felt so bad, @nicolechai and I couldn’t call up our friends who had helped us to find Siwon. They were on their computers searching for info about Siwon’s whereabouts. Like I said, it went by quick when we met him. After we took a photo with him, Siwon said “Happy New Year” in English because most of the time we were talking to him in English with bit of Korean, no Mandarin…lol xD Nicole said “Happy New Year” in Korean, I said “You too”. I couldn’t record a fan cam because a) its went so quick b) he was with his family. And both of us were so nervous and excited to meet Siwon. Siwon and his family walked off and we said goodbye to them, also bowing back, as they did it too. We started to follow them without knowing and then started to call @wanwan0903 @wanyee89420 Carmen (@carmento) Lo (@kangaroo1002) Zara (@zazaku84). @nicholechau and I started to spazz over the phone and screamed. I think Siwon and family must have heard us because we weren’t that far away from them. So we changed direction by crossing to other side of road on Oxford Street. I forgot to say to Siwon, I forgot to ask him about Super Show 4, SmTown London and forgot to congratulate him for Seoul Music Awards. Like I said it went so quick when we met Captian Choi. @nicholechai and I agreed that it was because we were exhausted and excited that we met Choi Siwon. I couldn’t stop screaming and had a big smile on face.

^Super Junior: Siwon at Arirang Restaurant. 23.01.12

^Bonamana cd: Siwon & Eunhyuk signture 🙂

I tweeted again: “I take it back…I meant to be a elf!” – lol xD

One thing if you wondering if I’m an Elf, actually I’m really a SOne as well. Nicole is too but I do love Super Junior as much as So Nyuh Shi Dae, I love them equally. But anyone who is reading this fan account must think that I’m just a lucky girl that had the chance to meet Super Junior: Eunhyuk (29.10.11) Super Junior: Siwon (23.01.12) and LeesSang / Running Man’s Gary. Truth is I have good skills to find Korean idols and I have good friends that help find the idols that we both love.

Choi Siwon: what you see in person is exactly what you see him as online! He is so handsome and hot. Even though he isn’t my bias out of Super Junior, seeing him in person does make your heart melt. My bias is DongHae if you wanted to know. But I haven’t met him yet lol xD Nicole’s reaction was priceless! To see her be very shy around Siwon and she said her heart beat so fast. Also his English is very good! 🙂 and in the photo he is very tall, I’m 5’4 but I was wearing wedge shoes at the time lol xD

Gary: he was a nice guy and he was bit taller than me too lol xD His “Engrish” was good, even though we only talked briefly. Nicole’s reaction was pretty quiet, when we saw him too.

A summary of how @nicholechai and I met two Korean stars in one day. I have to say I’m really happy I had the chance to meet them with @nicolechai. We didn’t give up during the 2 days of searching for Captain Choi and randomly bumped into peaceful Gary. The result was we searched for Siwon for 7hrs each day during Chinese New Year! But also I want to thank @wanwan0903 @wanyee89420 Carmen (@carmento) and Zara (@zazaku84) JoJo (@_eikochan) Lo (@kangaroo1002) and others who we helped us with our experiences.

Big thanks!!! for @nicolechai who went stalking with me, to look for him for two days, just so we could meet Captian Choi. We never thought it would be possible to meet a Korean idol in London. I hope that Siwon and other Super Juniors to come London soon!!!

Thank you for reading my fan account and please credit me if you going to reblog/tweet/use any social networks to spread my fan account around. Also add me 🙂 Twitter: ym830 / tumblr yin08 and I luv hear ur feedback, reply to me by twitter! 🙂


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  1. Ohhh you were so lucky! I wonder why he didn’t wanna take a picture if he wanted you to find him ,since that does not make sense? But he did so that is all that matters. So cool 😉 (late comment i know,but i just had too lol)

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