Shindong’s Troubled Skin Caught on Camera

Shindong's Troubled Skin Caught on Camera

On January 19, at the “21st Seoul Music Awards,” a camera captured Super Junior’s Shindong clapping and congratulating as T-ara received the Bonsang. Although Shindong was wearing a lot of makeup to cover up his skin troubles, the camera captured a toad-like rough patch on his right chin and neck area.

After this particular scene aired, netizens commented on Shindong’s skin, “I was so surprised because I thought it was a toad,” “Your skin must have been affected by your busy schedule,” and “In need of a dermatologist sponsor much? I have trypophobia (the fear of clusters of holes) so it was really hard to watch this.”

However, even a disturbed skin condition of its member could not stop Super Junior from winning Daesang and Bonsang at the “21st Seoul Gayo Awards.”

Shindong's Troubled Skin (Red Circle)

taken from: soompi
shared by: sjcouples


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