Yesung Enjoys his Freedom and Explores Osaka On His Own

In Korea, idols can’t go out on their own without being swarmed by fans as soon as they hit the streets, but in other countries, they’re not as easily recognized. Super Junior’s Yesung took advantage of this and recently went out on his own to explore.

On January 8th, Yesung (@shfly3424) tweeted two pictures with the message, “Osaka, how are you! Riding on the subway in Osaka, the joy of being free~~^^” with a mixture of Japanese and Korean. In the picture, we see Yesung wearing a pompom hat and sunglasses, somewhat hiding his identity while on the subway.

Super Junior is currently in Japan for the Athena Concert. They completed the first concert in Saitama on Saturday, January 7th, and their next concert is at Osaka Castle Hall on Monday, January 9th.

I’m glad Yesung was able to go out on his own for a bit and not worry about getting mobbed by fans. I wonder where he went exploring.

Source: @shfly3424 + 2, Ningin
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2 thoughts on “Yesung Enjoys his Freedom and Explores Osaka On His Own

  1. I’m so happy that he was able to explore Japan in peace…but quick question…who was the one taking his pictures? 0.0

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