Two Super Junior-M members has secret crush on f(x)’s member Victoria

Recently, Super Junior-M’s old interview during their promotions in China back in 2008 has become a hot topic after it was uploaded onto Youtube.

During the interview, two Super Junior-M members were revealed to have had a crush on f(x)’s Victoria! These two were none other than Zhou Mi and former Super Junior member Hankyung.

During the interview, Zhou Mi was asked, “Among these 7 members, which one would most likely be your love rival?” Since it was early into their Chinese debut, not all the Super Junior-M members were proficient in Chinese. After letting out a laugh, Zhou Mi translated the interviewer’s question to the other members and got their permission to answer. He then pointed at Hankyung, and all his fellow members showed signs that they understood why except for the innocent and confused Donghae. Curious, Donghae turned around and asked his fellow members, “Song Qian?”, surprising his fellow members who immediately tried to keep him quiet. Song Qian was f(x) leader Victoria’s Chinese name before she debuted. She was featured in Super Junior-M’s music video for the Chinese version of “U“.

Check out the video below!

Source: Ningin


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