Leeteuk shares group photos of Super Junior’s ramen celebration

On January 8th, Super Junior‘s Leeteuk shared photos of their group dinner together following the end of a successful day.

Leeteuk wrote on his Twitter, “We always celebrate by going out to eat after the end of a concert. Always ramen and cola. Ramen family, Rafam~ Together with Fighting Junior, who’s always full of fighting. Let’s always laugh and be there for one another like now! I love you guys!”

Gathered around at a ramen restaurant in Japan, the boys are seen sharing a simple but sweet dinner while putting up their glasses of coke to say cheers.

Leeteuk also wrote, “Donghae‘s phone camera quality is really great. Dongsengs! Let’s always be bright like this and never get tired! And our fans! Let’s be together for a long, long time! Today was such a happy day for me.”

Fans commented back, “Super Junior is always so bright,” “I’ll be with you too,” and “I’ll always love Super Junior!”

Source + Photos: Leeteuk’s Official Twitter
Taken from: allkpop

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