SJ to perform in Taiwan next month, tickets sold out in 17 minutes breaking Taipei Arena’s sales history

South Korean boy band Super Junior (SJ) will be performing at the Taipei Arena starting 3rd of February as part of their Super Show 4 World Tour itinerary, concert tickets for the 5th of February show went on sale on New Year’s Eve and 10000 tickets were sold out in 30 minutes while the 20000 tickets allocated for the 3rd and 4th of February show sold out in just 17 minutes, creating the fastest selling concert record in Taiwan, all three shows of SS4 is estimated to rake in an income of 105 million NTD.

SJ attended “2011 MBC Gayo Daejun” last night alongside T-ara, BEAST and other idol groups, at the same time, their Taiwan fans staged a great battle for their SS4 concert tickets. SJ’s 4th World Tour in Taiwan consists of three individual shows and the tickets for the individual shows went on sale at the 7-11 convenience stores nationwide on New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day afternoon, many fans countdown to the new year at the convenience store while some chose to spend the night at the convenience store after the countdown in order to purchase the tickets.

Fans complained about the expensive ticket prices but there was still a craze to secure the tickets

SJ’s 4th World Tour’s most expensive ticket is priced at 4800NTD each, some fans complained that the ticket prices were approximately 300NTD more expensive compared to last year’s Super Show 3, and if they were to purchase tickets for all three shows, they will be forking out up to 1500NTD more. The concert organizers “Super Dome” expressed that due to the stage set up which includes the use of water, fire and other special effects, the production cost has consequently increased, the ticket prices for SS4 Seoul has also increased and Taiwan’s stop will require more equipments and hence the organizers have no choice but to increase the ticket prices.

Despite the complaints, there was still the craze to secure the tickets, the tickets that went on sale yesterday afternoon for the 3rd and 4th of February show, were sold out in 17 minutes, fans were hoping that there will be an additional show and in regards to that, the concert organizers said that they will discuss with the Korean counterparts to decide if it would be possible to have an additional show.



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