S.M. Entertainment 2012 Global Auditions

S.M. Entertainment 2012 Global Auditions

The 2012 SM Global Auditions will be held in 15 cities within the five countries: Korea, China, USA, Canada, and Japan. The auditions will go on for three months beginning in January 2012.

SM Global Auditions have been an annual event since 2006. Henry of Super Junior M and f(x) member Amber were talented individuals picked up by the Global Auditions.

The SM Global Auditions will take place in New York on February 18, Chicago on February 20, San Francisco on February 26, and LA on March 3.

Auditions are open for anyone and there is no application fee.

Applications can be sent via e-mail to: 2012usa@smtown.com2012canada@smtown.com or YouTube (www.youtube.com/audition)

Finalists will be given the opportunity to sign an exclusive contract with S.M. Entertainment. This contract will cover all initial costs in launching a musical career.

For more details and information, please check the SMTOWN official website: (www.smtown.com).

S.M Entertainment has produced many fame K-pop artists such as BoADBSKSuper JuniorSNSD,SHINee, and f(x).

Taken from: soompi


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