Paul Potts, Super Junior, and Kim Gun Mo to Feature in Yoon Il Sang’s 21 Year Anniversary Album

Paul Potts, Super Junior, and Kim Gun Mo to Feature in Yoon Il Sang’s 21 Year Anniversary Album

Yoon Il Sang, the famed producer behind countless top artists from Kim Gun Mo and DJ DOC to Kim Bum Soo and the Brown Eyed Girls, will release his 21-year anniversary special album, “I’m 21,” on January 5. The album will release two new songs in two to three week intervals, culminating in a 10 track album after three months.

The first two tracks will come from Paul Potts, the U.K. singer made famous by “Britain’s Got Talent,” and10cm, one of the most popular indie bands in Korea. Paul Potts recorded a remake version of Kim Bum Soo’s“I’m Missing You,” a personal favorite of Yoon Il Sang that took over a year to produce prior to its release in 2002. 10cm, on the other hand, has produced a rendition of Cool’s 1998 hit single “Sorrow.”

Aside from Paul Potts and 10cm, the album boasts a star-studded lineup including Super Junior, Kim Bum Soo, Lee Eun Mi, No Brain, Kim Gun Mo, and JK Kim Dong Wook. Yoon Il Sang is one of the most respected and influential producers in the K-Pop industry, having produced some of the most popular tracks over the last 20 years. His previous works include albums with Kim Gun Mo, Shin Seung Hoon, DJ DOC, Kim Bum Soo, Lee Eun Mi, Cool, Yoo Seung Joon, and As One. In 2003, he launched Nega Networks and has focused on promoting the Brown Eyed Girls.

Taken from: soompi


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