SM Entertainment’s Lee Soo Man originally wanted to name Super Junior’s Shindong, ‘Udon’

Super Junior‘s Shindong and Shinhwa‘s Jun Jin revealed how they almost debuted with comical stage names.

On the episode of SBSStrong Heart‘ that aired on December 13th, Shindong revealed that he almost debuted as ‘Udon‘ (Japanese noodle soup).

CEO Lee Soo Man said that because I have a comical image, we should go with ‘Udon’ as my stage name,” he explained. “I told him that I thought ‘Udon’ was a bit much, so he asked what I thought of ‘Dongchoon’ (adding choon to Dong to make it sound more tacky). I then suggested that since my full name is Shin Dong Hee, we remove the ‘Hee’ part and go with ‘Shindong’, but he said that it was too ordinary and we should go with Shin-don (‘don’ meaning ‘money’ in Korean).”

The other guests did not believe CEO Lee Soo Man’s unique system to create stage names, so fellow label mates TRAX and the other Super Junior members assured them that Shindong was telling the truth.

Singer Jun Jin who previously debuted with old school group Shinhwa under SM Entertainment added, “CEO Lee Soo Man told me that because I have an intense image, we should go with ‘Lee Gi Go’ (meaning ‘winning’ in Korean) as my name,” which caused the audience members to explode in laughter.

Shindong continued, “CEO Lee Soo Man said that we needed a unique name for us to do well in the industry. He is stubbornly insistent because of the success with seniors like H.O.T‘s Kangta (meaning ‘strike’) and Shinhwa’s Jun Jin (meaning ‘advance forward’).”

TRAX member Jungmo added, “My stage name was ‘Christmas’. I remember when TVXQ‘s Uknow Yunho came up to me concerned and said, ‘Our group name is going to be Dong Bang Shin Gi (meaning ‘The Rising Gods of the East’). What do we do?”

Source & Image: OSEN

Credits: allkpop


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