[Transcript] 111201 Ryeowook shall hold Sungmin’s hand

SM: Actually we may be kind of awkward right now, and sometimes we might say boring stuffs, so we’ll work hard on doing this, when we play some songs, we’ll sometimes also dance. Sometimes, we’ll do aegyo, hoping that the listeners that are listening and watching feel that it’s interesting.
RW: So everyone should help us by joining us during KTR~

Listener: Do you all always makeup when you come over to be DJs everyday?
SM: Actually I didn’t makeup at all… Pu…
RW: Actually Sungmin’s skin condition is really good, uh, did you put on some makeup today?
SM: Yup, I put on abit.
RW: Yup, because we have schedules today. Actually even if Sungmin-ssi doesn’t put on makeup, he doesn’t look much different. His skin condition is really good.
SM: Ryeowook-ssi too.
RW: Pupupu… really?
SM: You want the truth?
RW: Nope.
SM: Actually it’s really the same, but only the feeling’s different.

RW: After Japan’s concert, I will eat whatever I want to eat!!!
SM: Really?
RW: Yup.
SM: It’s the same as how I felt during SS3 tour.
RW: Even if you feel like eating, you can’t.
SM: So I regretted.
RW: Now that Korea’s concert is over, the next is in Japan, it’ll be really tiring~

SM: Actually my dad is really good in swimming, he really likes sports so his shoulder is very broad. When I was little, I always follow my dad to swim, my brother too.
RW: Oh~ Sungjin.
SM: Yup, but Sungjin is better in sports than I am.

RW: (Way Back Into Love) Actually during SMTown concert, Kyuhyun and Seohyun-ssi said this song.
SM: Yup.
RW: They even held hands.
SM: Envious?
RW: So I was thinking, when will I have the chance to sing this once…
SM: Need to hold hand?
RW: Doesn’t really matter.
SM: You shall hold my hand then.
RW: Let’s find some time and we shall sing it for once.
SM: Ok~ Promise, promise with listeners~

Via: @凝幻 weibo
Translated by: rapperhyuk @ Tumblr.com
Re-post by: Saena@ SJ-World.net


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