Super Junior to Singapore fans: Wait for us

The boys are glad that they will be able to get “much closer” to fans in Super Show 4 and thanked Singapore fans for their continuous love and support towards the group.

The nine members from Super Junior strode into the press conference venue at the Seoul Olympic Stadium, sporting black crisp suits, for a short meeting with both the Korean and foreign media.

At the invitation of Running Into The Sun (RITS) and the Korean Tour Organization (KTO), xinmsn was part of all the action as we attended both the press conference and the concert on Sunday afternoon.

With a long song list that is made up of 38 tracks and a wide repertoire of solo performances from the boys, leader Leeteuk promised to bring fans “a very unique opening” as Shindong quipped, “The editing of our songs is different and new, the concert’s scale is also bigger than before and we have also added in new dance performances.”

“This is the biggest scale concert we’ve had of all the Super Shows. It’s like the lyrics of our song ‘Superman’ [from their fifth album, Mr Simple],” added Leeteuk.

When xinmsn asked the group what local fans can expect to see from Super Show 4 when it comes to Singapore on Feb 17, Leeteuk replied that they will be able to “meet fans much closer than before” now.

He quipped, “I remember that Singapore sent us a lot of love. Thank you for your love and support, please wait for us.”

Shindong and Leeteuk at the Super Show 4 press conference

Known as the band that brought Korean pop to new heights with their global reach, the band’s first concert for Super Show 4 on Saturday night became a worldwide trending topic on Twitter, with seven out of 10 trending topics covering their concert.

In response to reporters’ questions on the causes behind the group’s global popularity today, Eunhyuk cheekily suggested that it might be due to their “handsome” looks before breaking into a fit of laughter, ticked at his own reply.

After he was jokingly chiding by a co-member for “not being in the position to comment” on the others’ looks, the adroit dancer then came up with more serious possibilities such as the group’s “pleasant and funny attitude”, and the group’s infectious “happy energy” which makes people laugh.

The jokes and mirth continued when the nine lads were asked to give a verdict on the member whom they felt “changed the most” for Super Show 4.

With everyone pointing unanimously at Ryeowook, the 24-year-old vocalist explained that he wanted “to have abs” for his solo performance and shared, “I am trying to show a different look to fans. One month before the concert, I went on a diet and worked and I have been preparing for my own performance for a long time. ”

Shindong then ruefully added in mock disappointment, “I thought I’ll be chosen because I did double eyelid surgery. I’m disappointed.”

After two successful concerts in Seoul, the band that brought the Korean wave to new heights will be starting the world tour with Japan as their next stop in December. Local fans will be pleased to know that Running Into The Sun has confirmed that they will be bringing Super Show 4 to Singapore on Feb 17.

This trip is sponsored by Running Into The Sun (RITS) and the Korean Tour Organization (KTO).

Credit (Text & Photos): Joanna Goh reporting from Seoul @ xinmsn
Shared by: sjcouples


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