Emotions run high at Super Junior’s Super Show 4 in Seoul

Tears flowed freely as the boys readied themselves for what might be their last concert in Seoul with Leeteuk before the latter enlists.

Temperatures in Seoul may have dipped to the subzero range on Sunday, but that did not stop thousands of fans from braving the chilly and harsh winds to queue for their Super Junior oppas (a term of endearment for an older brother in Korean) at the Seoul Olympic Stadium for the band’s second Super Show 4 concert.

If you asked us, the concert was well worth the wait and cold as the boys played, sang, and danced to their heart’s content, soaking up all the support and affection that fans had to give.

No expense was spared to up the ante of Super Show 4 with new additions of moving stages, cranes, water fountains — that went up to as high as 6m, fireworks, as well as a little ‘railway’ along the stadium’s inner circumference that allowed the boys up-close interactions with seated fans.

Apart from the boys’ impressive solo stages which saw them flaunting their vocal prowess, dancing abilities and newfound talents such as Lee Teuk and his knack for the saxophone and Kyuhyun’s harmonica skills, it was the group performances and the members’ playful bantering that got 11,000 fans squealing away in exhilaration.

From the trot song ‘Rokugu’, which saw the cheeky lads piling themselves on top of one another, to ‘Pajama Party’ and ‘Good Friends’, the boys hammed it up for fans in costumes and female getups. Besides Siwon’s Superman iconic red and blue outfit, Lee Teuk’s transformation into ‘Hulk Hogan’, and Dong Hae going black and white as Charlie Chaplin, it was Ryeowook’s shocking impersonation of Gollum from Lord of The Rings that took the cake.

Peppered with short interludes of video clips and energetic dance performances, including guest-starring appearances by Super Junior M’s Zhou Mi, Henry and f(x)’s Amber, Sulli and Victoria, the well-paced concert also allowed concertgoers to see a different side of the boys — serious, goofy, cheeky, and emotional.

In what may be leader Lee Teuk’s last concert in Korea before he enlists with the military in end 2011 or early 2012 – nothing’s confirmed at this moment – emotions ran high and some tears were shed amongst the nine boys (Leeteuk, Ryeowook, Siwon, Donghae, Yesung, Sungmin, Eunhyuk, Shindong and Kyuhyun) when a video clip of their debut days started to roll after ‘You & I’.

Eyes brimming with tears, Leeteuk had some difficulty singing ‘Our Love’ as he was too choked up with tears when the entire stadium started waving paper banners which said “Love Super Junior”.

He was not the only one who felt the outpouring of love and support from ELFs. Ryeowook commented that it was “really pretty” and he was “so touched” he had to “control his tears”.

After recovering from their mini outburst, the boys resumed their playful antics and hopped round the stage like a bunch of energizer bunnies. Tears started to flow again when it was time for them to give a thank you speech.

Catching a breather as they sat on the main stage’s platform, the nine members had a short aegyo face-off which saw them battling their cute expressions against one another’s.

On their feelings and preparation for this concert, Sungmin mentioned that he bought “expensive earphones” so that he can perform the concert songs well and Kyuhyun thanked fans “for the love” and hoped to return as much “love” as he can.

With tears welling in his eyes, 28-year-old Leeteuk said that this will be his “last concert [in Korea] while he is in his 20s”.

He also appealed to fans to “give Super Junior your support” regardless of what happens in future, “Before debuting, I thought of what is happiness. It was till I met ELF that I found out what it was; how I wish time would stop. Next year, Super Junior won’t stop but continue.”

And to sum it all up in a grand finale, the tearful boys returned to where they started from and performed two tracks ‘U’ and ‘Miracle’ — from their debut album — alongside ‘Sorry Sorry’, giving their well-received concert a befitting ending it deserves.

After two successful concerts in Seoul, the band that brought the Korean wave to new heights will be starting the world tour with Japan as their next stop in December. Local fans will be pleased to know that Running Into The Sun has confirmed that they will be bringing Super Show 4 to Singapore on Feb 17.

This trip is sponsored by Running Into The Sun (RITS) and the Korean Tour Organization (KTO).

Credit: Joanna Goh reporting from Seoul @ xinmsn
Concert photos: SM Entertainment
Shared by: sjcouples


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