Super Junior Donghae revealed that he had danced with Zhang Ziyi before

Super Junior’s Donghae and famous Chinese actress Zhang Ziyi danced to “Sorry, Sorry” together?

On the MBCTV variety programme “Come to Play” which was broadcasted on the 31st (of October), Donghae revealed that “Zhang Ziyi and I…” in one of the segments, but even before he could finish his sentence, hosts Yoo Jaesuk and Kim Wonhee were already extremely curious (about what he had to say).

A surprised Yoo Jaesuk asked that “Are you talking about the world star Zhang Ziyi?” and Donghae answered that “I didn’t know that she was such a famous celebrity, and we even danced to ‘Sorry, Sorry’ together”, causing Yoo Jaesuk to be astonished. Eunhyuk, who guested on the show together (with Donghae), made a comparison to Jang Sohee’s previous story where she had tea with the Prime Minister of Mongolia, saying that “later on it’s not only tea, but (you) ended up dancing as well right~”. His hilarious explanation caused the venue to be submerged in laughter.

Netizens who have watched the show left diverse comments such as “How well can Zhang Ziyi dance to ‘Sorry, Sorry’, I’m curious~”, “As expected of the Hallyu star who is at the level of a national treasure~ Even dancing with Zhang Ziyi~”, and “The Hallyu stars’ contacts are really amazing” and more.

The day’s guests included actress Jang Sohee, Lee Junghyun, and Super Junior’s Eunhyuk and Donghae.

Source: Korea Star Daily
Translated by eternalsnow @ SJ-WORLD.NET
Please do not remove or modify any parts of the credits when taking out.


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