Shindong pulls weeds in a bright yellow suit

On a recent airing of ‘ShimShimTaPa‘, radio DJ Shindong lost a game in their new ‘Healing Camp Fire’ corner and therefore had to face the penalties. His penalty was to go out behind the MBC building and pull out some grass from the ground.

Although it was late into the night, Shindong put down his mic and did as he was told.  Shindong returned shortly with some random pine needles, which guests IlacLee Gookjoo, and Cho Mungeun did not acknowledge and Shindong had to return to the back of the building a second time.

The scenario was especially hilarious as Shindong completed the mission wearing a special bright yellow suit he wore to the studio that day.

The photos of Shindong completing his mission were uploaded onto the ShimShimTapa homepage along with video clips, and netizens remarked, “It’s like a radio version of ‘Infinite Challenge’“, “I didn’t think they would send him a second time“, etc.

Source & Image : MyDaily via Naver

Credits: Allkpop


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