Super Junior’s Too Old to Be an “Idol” Group?

Super Junior's Too Old to Be an "Idol" Group?

At an average member age of 26.5, Super Junior may be hard to call an “idol” group anymore.

On the November 5 episode of Y-STAR’s “Goong Geum Ta,” the standards of what qualifies as an “idol” group were explored.

People were surveyed regarding this and they answered in various ways. Some said, “About 80 percent of their album sales has to be from teenagers,” while others said, “You have to have over 100,000 fans.”

One standard got the highest agreement among the surveyed- the average age of the members has to be under 25.

If this standard holds, the show “Goong Geum Ta” speculated, Super Junior can’t been seen as an idol group because their average member age is 26.5.

Netizens responded to this by commenting, “I didn’t know that they were that old,” and “Still, once an idol, always an idol.”

There really is no set standard out there regarding the qualities that make up an “idol” group but it is fun to think about it.

What do you guys think are some of the standards that can be set upon idol groups? Age? Looks? Fan numbers?

Super Junior in 2005 debut.

Credits: Soompi


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