“SuJu! Please…” LG Electronics strengthened their marketing with K-POP

LG Electronics take their global marketing activities to the next level with idol group Super Junior. K-pop syndrome has spread like wildfire and with Super Junior leading the wave, LG wants to make use of the K-pop artist content as a strategy to increase the brand awareness.

LG Electronics revealed on October 18th that they produced Super Junior’s 3D music video which will be available early next year, free of charge, on 3D Cinema Smart TV dedicated for Hallyu-wave content service consumer named ‘K-POP Zone’.

On August, Super Junior’s MV for ‘Mr.Simple’ became YouTube’s 3rd ‘World Most Viewed’, and the group will start their world tour ‘Super Show 4’ on this coming November, strengthening their position as global Hallyu stars.

On top of this, LG Electronics will be proudly sponsoring SM Town Live World Tour held in New York on the 23rd of October. They have been promoting a footage for SMTOWN New York concert through Times Square LED with display-time more than 100 times a day, with Hallyu cultural content and LG logo aimed to have a greater effect .

LG Electronics Global Marketing Division Leader Kang Sin-ik stated, “Lately, Hallyu wave has spread across Asia, through Europe and Asia. We want to take advantage of this opportunity to increase our brand awareness while helping them to strengthen theirs at the same time.”

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Source: hankyung
English Translation: dewspaper for SUPER-LEGACY.COM
Edited by Dea for TwELFs.com


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