Leeteuk and Boom make a grand entrance as new ‘Star King’ MCs

On October 3rd, Super Junior‘s Leeteuk and Boom made an impressive debut as the new MCs forSBS’s ‘Star King‘.

The two emerged on stage with great fanfare, popping up in the middle of a cheerleading team’s routine. As the panelists cheered them on, Leeteuk and Boom managed to pull off a complex standing lift, looking as confident as ever.

Boom continued to lead the show with his witty ad-libs, while Leeteuk used his five years of experience as a ‘Star King’ panelist to comfortably lead viewers through the show’s transitions.

Leeteuk stated, “I’ll make sure to provide healthy, bright laughter.  I’m going to laugh that much more now as well.” Boom added, “The viewers are the stars of ‘Star King’.  TeukBoom will do our best to respectfully attend to you, so please stay tuned!”

Source + Photos: Newsen

Credits: Allkpop


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