“SuJu! Please…” LG Electronics strengthened their marketing with K-POP

LG Electronics take their global marketing activities to the next level with idol group Super Junior. K-pop syndrome has spread like wildfire and with Super Junior leading the wave, LG wants to make use of the K-pop artist content as a strategy to increase the brand awareness.
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Jang Geunsuk treats Kim Heechul for a meal

Korean actor-singer Jang Geunsuk reveals his close friendship with Super Junior’s Kim Heechul. After his military enlistment last month, Kim Heechul started his official military duties as a public service personnel, after completing his four week basic training. On one of Jang Geunsuk’s tweets today, he revealed that he bought pizza for Kim Heechul, as gift for serving the country. He was further quoted saying, “Asia Prince buys pizza for the big universe star who is defending the country!!!! The big universe star who is very happy to receive the pizzas after work!! See it!!! elf!!!!”

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How Important GDA is?

I’ve read a lot of posts and blogs discussing the upcoming GDA (Golden Disk Award) 2011 this December 8 (Please note that deadline for buying the album which will be counted is October 29 thru official stores and online shops). Have been a SuJu fan for a couple of months only. Previously, I was one of those people who doesn’t give much attention to them. I don’t even know the exact number of members, nor their names. All I know is that Super Junior is the largest boy idol group that walked the planet. End. But now, I’m well aware of them, their history, how they become 13-member group when they only have 12 members when they debuted , their subgroups – T, KRY, H, M , what happened to the 3 MIA members, their EverLastingFriends and stuffs like that. And of course, their profiles. I’ve been watching their previous and current shows thru the net (much thanks to those people who never got tired of subbing and sharing vides, we non-korean fans, really appreciate all your hard works. Kudos! 🙂 ) and they never fail to make me laugh and smile. Honestly speaking, as an overseas fan, in return, what I can do is support them by buying CDs and watching their shows (streaming), and their concerts (hopefully).

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Super Juniors Donghae expresses his gratitude in foreign languages

Super Junior’s Donghae expressed his gratitude to his fans for congratulating his 26th birthday in many foreign languages.

On the 15th, Donghae twitted a picture with a comment, “Thanks for your congratulating my birthday!!^^Thank you & Xie Xie & Arigato & Grazie & Merci & Gracias!!”

In the picture, Donghae is posing for a picture smiling with a present sent by fans. Kyuhyun is looking at him behind.”

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