Kim Jang Hoon to release his duet with SuJu’s Heechul on September 26th

Earlier, allkpop reported that Super Junior‘s Kim Heechul recorded a duet with veteran singer Kim Jang Hoon right before he enlisted with the army. It’s just been revealed that Kim Jang Hoon will release that duet as the first single of his comeback series!

This veteran singer, whose last album was released in 2008, will kick off his ’12 And Over Project‘, which will consist of three digital singles. Each single will feature a different idol singer.

For his first partner, he picked Heechul, who finished recording prior to his mandatory draft. “It wasn’t just because I was close with Kim Heechul,” Kim Jang Hoon explained. “I wanted to show everyone his hidden vocal talent and ability.”

Although he originally planned to have Heechul sing 20% of the song, it was upgraded to a duet after he heard Heechul sing in person.

The music video and the recording were finished the day before Heechul’s entry into the army. Heechul himself expressed through his Twitter, “Jang Hoon-hyung gave me the last present of my 20′s”.

Kim Jang Hoon’s first single will be released on September 26th.

Source: Star News

Credits: allkpop


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