Super Junior Donghae’s bold confession “You are the one”

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Super Junior member Donghae confessed to a female guest No.1 Kim Eun Ha on the show “Star Love Village” only to leave with regrets?

Male guest No.3 Super Junior member Donghae confessed to a female guest in the mid-autumn festival special episode of “Star Love Village” aired on the 13th. On the broadcast, 11 stars spent 2 days and 1 night in the Love Village in search for their ideal partner. Singer Sung Si Kyung was in charge of expressing the guests’ inner thoughts and feelings.

On the show, Donghae prepared fireworks for Kim Eun Ha together with a handwritten love letter that touched the hearts of many female guests as well as the audiences. He wrote, “I met her today. Seeing her every time never fails to make my heart race. Thank you for leaving me with such wonderful memories. I enjoyed myself during this period of time.”

Although Donghae’s love letter is very emotional and moving, he is not able to win her heart over at the end. Guests and audiences who were present felt really regretful when she chose to hold hands with Park Hyun Bin instead.

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Source: TVDaily| Chinese Translation: KoreanStarDaily
English Translation: denise2601 for SUPER-LEGACY.COM
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