Choi Siwon removed the title “Junior-actor” with Poseidon

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Member of male group Super Junior, Choi Siwon, once again took another leap on acting through KBS 2TV New Monday-Tuesday drama ‘Poseidon’ (Screenplay Cho Kyuwon Production Yoo Chulyong).

‘Poseidon’ aired its pilot episode on September 19th where Choi Siwon took the role of Kim Seonwoo, a member of a marine special force.

When they conducted an investigation for one organization, Kim Seonwoo lost his colleague causing him to be demoted to Gunsan. But he still tried to look for a clue that will lead him to this organization. However Kim Seonwoo comes back to the 9th investigation department during the process of finding a clue to this organization.

February this year, through SBS drama Athena: Goddess of War, a brilliant act from Siwon who took a role of NTS’s elite had him recognized as an actor.

Compared to action-act in ‘Athena’, Poseidon was more exhausting. Lost colleague and lovers that we love, it needs appropriate sad feelings. At the same time, expectation are raising due to comical-act in some scenes.

Choi Siwon has been reborn from ‘junior-actor’ to ‘Actor Choi Siwon.’ At the press conference held earlier for the pilot episode, Choi Siwon revealed that, “Poseidon changes my acting-career”.

We are keen to see what kind of performance Actor-Choi Siwon will give us!

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Source: moneytoday
English Translation: dewspaper for SUPER-LEGACY.COM
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